Introducing ‘Harriet’

Not much sewing been done here this week (well, not for me) but I have finished the cardigan I have been knitting. This is ‘Harriet’ from the Kim Hargreaves ‘Quirky’ book. I used Rowan felted tweed in a colour I think was called Avocado which almost exactly matches my sofa – didn’t realise that when I bought it!

Harriet Cardigan

Harriet Cardigan

I was very fortunate to find the lovely little brass (real metal) buttons in one of my button tins. I even have one left over as a spare – how often does that happen! The usual state of affairs when you find the perfect button in the tin is that there aren’t enough there. Happy Hoody!

Love those buttons!

Love those buttons!

The sleeves are, I think, a bit too long and it will take some thought as to how to shorten them retrospectively. I may just learn to live with them. Lazy cat. Apart from the sleeve niggle I really like this cardigan, and I have the perfect dark blue cotton velvet (yes, I know it is almost spring but it is lovely) to make trousers. Maybe jeans style.

Burda trouser trial

Burda trouser trial

I have made a start on the Burda/Patrones trouser trial.  I haven’t made trousers from both magazines to compare previously so they are both very simple styles. Burda is first and is currently in pieces in my work room. I hope to have them finished in a couple of days – providing I can clear the essential customer work that should be possible. I will cut out the Patrones style in the same sort of fabric so a true comparison can be made.



My new Threads magazine arrived today. I have only had a quick flick through so far but I just  LOVE the dress on the back cover. I think the flounce is just gorgeous. I really would like to try this (and I think it might do some favours to my tummy region) but I am thinking – Is this a step too girly for me? Clearly I wouldn’t be going floral – there are limits! Opinions would be welcomed.

Fabulous dress!

Fabulous dress!

12 Comments on “Introducing ‘Harriet’”

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, very nice cardigan! My mom is a knitter, for 40 some years, so will show this to her. And I am making Burda trousers currently. Finding it VERY difficult to follow the directions. They seem to have steps missing as well as markings missing on the pattern missing. Not for a beginner, I’m finding.

  2. Kbenco says:

    Your cardigan is lovely. Blue velvet trousers sound gorgeous. I always like to make an end of season project, because then when the weather suddenly changes next year, there is a practically new outfit to wear, which makes me happy (and better dressed!).

  3. Dixie says:

    A very nice cardigan you’ve knit! I love the idea of wearing it with navy cotton velvet. Yummy!

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  5. I’d suggest using Jalie patterns for stretchwear, particularly leggings. I’ve had great success using one of their patterns (OOP now but I made 4!). THey have about a gazillion sizes in the one envelope (tracing required but it’s totally worth it) so it’s easy to grade from one size in the hips to another in the thighs 😉

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