How to improve your sewing. Run away!

Well again I start with an apology for the delay in posting . I have been without my computer for a little while – it has been a bit ‘huffy’ for a little while so it was time for it to go for some TLC. Now that it’s back I anticipate being able to post without problems.

If only the same could be said of my sewing. I have realised that I need to give as much importance to my own work as I would do for a client. Perhaps I need to make me one of my clients?  “What has caused this revelation?” I hear you ask. The Burda trousers. The ones I was going to finish last week.

New Forest Ponies have right of way

New Forest Ponies have right of way

Beautiful Bucklers Hard

Beautiful Bucklers Hard

I’m afraid I made an error tracing the pattern (Burda maps are much more ‘busy’ than the Patrones sheets) and it took me a while to work out why the pockets seemed to be pulling, and when I tried to put the waistband on all became clear. Or at least clear that there was a problem. It was only a very small corner of one pattern piece, but that was enough to cause problems. So I chucked the whole lot into a corner and ran away to Lyndhurst in the New Forest with the Management for a few days.

Everything seems much better having spent time walking – amazingly in sunshine! – and admiring the New Forest ponies who live loose in this area.Very relaxing although it may take a little while for my calf muscles to recover. 😦

On one of our days we visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu which had an exhibition of Bond vehicles. Now whilst I like sewing I LOVE Bond films! This was clearly going to be a lot of fun. In addition there are lots of other beautiful cars including Chitty chitty bang bang, the Back to the Future De Lorian, Mr Beans Mini, Del Boys Reliant (from Only Fools and Horses) and best of all ……. Ron Weasleys Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter. The Management thought I would probably last a couple of hours until he spotted this lot. Six hours later we staggered out. If you get the opportunity this place is well worth a visit. There were other attractions too. I hadn’t realised that a lot of the training of the Special Operations Executive agents was done in this area (and the SOE was also known as the Stately ‘Omes of England).

Bond vehicles!

Bond vehicles!

More Bond vehicles! (Love the alligator)

More Bond vehicles! (Love the alligator)

Ron Weasleys flying car

Ron Weasleys flying car

I came home thoroughly ready to do battle with my trousers – and today I have got them to the point where they just need to have to inside waistband fitted, a fastener, and be hemmed. I feel confident that I will have them finished tomorrow so provided I can get the Management to take some photographs I will post the finished article then.

Considering they almost ended up in the bin last week they are actually looking pretty good. Watch this space.

5 Comments on “How to improve your sewing. Run away!”

  1. sewbussted says:

    Life is just too short to not take time for ourselves. Take as many walks as you can and make lots of pants :)The clients can wait!

    • I always intend to make time for myself – I am just really bad at doing it!
      I am taking more walks to help my bone density and strangely that has helped with ‘thinking time’ so sewing tends to have already been planned out before I reach the machine! I am looking forward to watching our local forest come to life again this spring.

  2. sdbev says:

    Oh now I’m just plain green eyed jealous. Vacation and pants that fit? Life is not fair.
    LOL sounds like a fun trip.

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