Happy Mothering Sunday!

I have had a wonderful Mothers Day. I woke up rather than being woken up. I had a jog along the river in Bewdley in a freezing cold wind with snow flurries and survived (I actually enjoyed it!).  And then I came home to find a lovely floral arrangement from my wonderful daughter which I am happy to share with you all – pretty things should be shared.

Mothers Day flowers!

Mothers Day flowers!

After lunch I was able to spend some time finishing off the Burda trousers I have been making. They are model 143 from 2/2013, made up in a straight size 44. From my measurements I would have chosen a larger size but I always seem to end up fiddling with the fit to make them smaller so this time I cut the 44, but hedged my bets with large seam allowances! As I have already mentioned I did my best to foul these up, tracing the wrong line on the pockets so they had to be tweaked into place using that large seam allowance. I used a polyester/viscose mix from stock which has 6% elastane and I love the fit this pattern has given. I have taped the upper edge of the waistband to prevent it stretching in wear (I used the selvedge from some lining as I had run out of seam tape – I find this works very well and is a very thrifty option!). I did take the center back seam in about 1cm at the waist, which I was fairly amazed about, and the trousers sit really nicely into my back now without gapping. The only thing I am not 100% happy with is the pocket opening, but I should have known that I am ‘iffy’ about that pocket shape and changed it before I cut the fabric. It isn’t something I feel strongly enough about to be unhappy with this pair, but I will change it in future pairs. Yes, there will be more!

Burda trousers - front view

Burda trousers – front view

Burda trouser. Not a bad fit.

Burda trouser. Not a bad fit.

When you consider that these almost ended up in the bin last week they aren’t bad! I am happy with the fit, although I will ‘tweak’ it a little next time. I am planning to make these up again very soon without the side hip pocket shape I am unsure of. I know that I will have to use fabric with an elastane content, or allow a bit of extra ease.

This will double check that I am happy with the pattern before I pack it into a new file marked ‘Kim’s TNT Patterns’!

11 Comments on “Happy Mothering Sunday!”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    Our Mother’s Day is not until May. It looks like you have had a lovely day. I too love walking in the cold air. I find it refreshing and invigorating.
    Not a bad fit in deed on those pants. Congratulations!

  2. Dixie says:

    These trousers fit very well. Nice job! And happy Mothering Sunday to you!

  3. sdbev says:

    These trousers look great.

  4. They look great on you and the flowers are beautiful!

  5. mrsmole says:

    So glad you stuck with those pants as they look great finished and don’t we learn something from every darn project we conquer? My British husband sends cards to his mother after buying them when we have our Mother’s Day in the US in May and keeping them for 10 months…the trick in not forgetting where he stored them for safe keeping. So nice to get flowers!

    • Thanks! I am impressed if your husband manages to find the card after 10 months – I would struggle with that.
      The flowers are still looking lovely – buds still opening at the moment.

  6. […] may remember that I cut out another pair of the Burda trousers I was eventually so pleased with. This pair are a black needlecord with a little elastane in it. It […]

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