Another one of those?

Yes, sorry. I have been seduced by the alice+olivia Vogue 1261 again. I am sad to say that my ‘happy top’ has been worn almost to extinction and really needed a replacement. This time I decided to make view B, which is the one with the cowl and set in rather than raglan sleeves. It is still pretty cold here in the UK and I wanted something to wear right now.

Vogue 1261 - View B

Vogue 1261 – View B

After a quick trawl through my stash I came across what can only be called jersey ‘stuff’ which I can remember buying in Birmingham Rag Market for very little money. It is nice and soft, but a little firmer than the fabric I used for the previous incarnations of this top. I would guess it is a cotton or viscose, but with those painted lines it would be impossible to do a burn test!

This was a very quick project, and as I had made view A , ahem, several times before I just went ahead and sewed from start to finish without trying on. I narrowed the sleeves as before though I could probably have left a little more ease in this firmer fabric. It also appears to be a little shorter (probably not ‘dropping’ in the same way as the others) but I am quite happy. As this fabric is plain black on the inside I sewed the cowl with the right side to wrong side at the neckline seam so that the patterned side would be outside when I finished. The plain black does show a bit unless you spend some time organising the cowl so if I was making this again I would aim for a fabric that was OK to be seen on both sides.

I am pretty happy with this, but will be looking out for another top to make. I have a number of t-shirts that appear to be nearing the end of their lives. Why do they all die at once?

Lucky find!

I was in a Charity Shop recently and happened to spot a small, green box out the corner of my eye. That isn’t a ?… it ?… it now Kim!

Lucky me! A Singer box!

Lucky me! A Singer box!

An old Singer box! I lifted the lid with some trepidation as it was labelled ‘spares’ but inside discovered a little huddle of machine feet and a couple of bobbins.

Five Singer feet and other bits.

Five Singer feet and other bits.

For £5 I have got a Ruffler,  a binding foot, a rolled hem foot, an edge stitching/zipper foot, and another foot with a single hole in the middle (no other distinguishing features). There is also a seam guide and two metal bobbins. How happy am I?! I think all of these will fit Molly, although with one hand winding I may find myself struggling to manipulate all that I need to with some of these feet. I have photographed the only foot I can’t identify on its own. Any ideas anyone?

Mystery Foot

Mystery Foot

Mystery Foot

Mystery Foot

11 Comments on “Another one of those?”

  1. fibercrush says:

    It looks like it’s a gathering foot. If you search on google for “singer sewing machine gathering foot”, you’ll see quite a few similar to yours. According to one site, it’s good for shirring and machine smocking.

    • Thank you fibercrush! I have just checked and it seems I have a shirring foot. I also have the slot gathering foot in the box I got with Molly. I need to have an afternoon just playing with all these goodies!

  2. What a lucky find! And I love the top 🙂

  3. Shams says:

    Yay on the Singer attachments! That is a great top – very cute and I like the print.

  4. prttynpnk says:

    If a pattern works,it works- this shape is great, i love them all!

  5. This is such a lovely pattern; every version I have seen is so elegant! Your chic new tee is no exception 🙂

  6. linda says:
    if you try this website you should be able to identify the feet by the singer/simanco numbers engraved on them. I also found a little box like this stuffed with feet and was able to identify all of them.
    linda in australia

  7. Hey there Ms Material,

    Yep – it’s a ruffling foot. Put it on the sewing machine and watch the gathers appear!
    You can control the quantity of gathers by adjusting the stitch length (longer=more gathers) and by playing with the tension (tight upper=more gathers). We’ve just finished a pile of ruffles for Can-Can skirts and cannot imagine living without the Ruffler Foot.

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