Patrones 324 and more

My dear friends G & H have brought me another Patrones magazine back from their travels – this time 324. I have had a quick scan through the magazine and feel that this issue is perhaps filled with things that are a bit ‘young’ for me.

Patrones 324

Patrones 324

And there are a lot of ‘onesies’. I really don’t think I am ‘onesie’ material. I might try the purple shorts in the hope that the sun will grace the UK this summer enough to wear them. I like the short trousers, excitingly described as Piratas, which may be a good warm weather compromise between ordinary trousers and shocking the public in shorts with my gleaming white skin.

Contents pages

Contents pages


Contents pages

Contents pages

I might spot something that I feel is more ‘me’ when I have more time to sit and study this magazine, but I suspect this will not be one of my favourite issues.

I have also started having the Burda Style magazine delivered so that I am not scouring the local news stands to find the issue with the ‘perfect pattern’ seen on someone else’s blog that I just must have! I used to get this magazine delivered regularly but eventually felt it had become a bit predictable so cancelled the order. Since then I have seen lots of things I liked, and had to track copies down before they vanished altogether. Anyway, I was very happy to find the first copy on the doormat and settled down with my breakfast cuppa to scour the pages. I regret to being a little underwhelmed. I like the cover dress, and there are a couple of details on other garments that are nice – but my favourite item in the magazine?

Not the dress - the dog!

Not the dress – the dog!

Maybe next month.

2 Comments on “Patrones 324 and more”

  1. I used to buy both in Spain but foun that several of the Patrones patterns I attempted were just badly drafted and didn’t work and Burda just kept churning out the same patterns over and over 😦

    • It can certainly be disheartening when patterns don’t work. And Burda claim over 53 patterns on the front of this months magazine – down to about 30 if you cut out the variations on a theme.

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