Method – or just madness?

I have been intending to make the pattern for the lovely twisted top in the Pattern Magic book for about two weeks. I have read and understood the instructions (I think) and keep coming back to the ‘simple’ version which looks like a piece of cake to do but wouldn’t fit me in the size given. Not even close.

So…. to help with working out what the numbers should look like I have made a top from Februarys Burda magazine. I have seen many versions of this top and loved them all. So what took me so long? It needed to be graded up a size and I was feeling lazy.

Popular top - with good reason!

Popular top – with good reason!

The very simple styling means that I will be able to use the measurements from this pattern to check the pattern from the Pattern Magic book before I get anywhere near fabric  which should reduce the risks of it ending up a wadder.

I found some jersey in my stash and set to on this with great gusto. It really was an easy project – the pattern (even with my grading) fitted together very easily and fitted first time. The only alterations I made  to the design were to shorten the body which even at the shorter length was about 2″ too long despite my liking my t-shirts long – and to alter the way the neckline was finished. The magazine suggests binding the edge with a strip (ooh sorry – I also tightened the neckline a little with a slightly shorter than advised strip) folded over the neck edge. I find it much easier to leave the seam allowance (only 1cm) in place and stitch the band which has been folded in half in place, press the seam allowance toward the body, and topstitch close to the strip to hold it in place. Much quicker and easier than trying to bind.

Neck finish detail.

Neck finish detail.

Bessie modeling the finished garment.

Bessie modeling the finished garment.

I am sorry that I can only show Bessie wearing the top at present – the Management wasn’t home in time to catch the light. However, I can say that this is only the first of what may be many of these tops to be made. I love it! I will also be using the long sleeve adaption as I have bought some lovely brown merino wool jersey which would look wonderful in this style. I can’t say I am certain about the dress version with the flounce…

Now that I know that this fits well I will get back to the Pattern Magic book and make the pattern. I intend to use the jersey knit from the Rag Market as a first try so even if it all goes pear shaped it wont be a great loss. Although I do like the fabric so I really hope it works!

I have also been working on some gift sewing (in addition to the customer work which is pretty busy at the moment) which I will be able to show you after the weekend – but for now a little teaser!

Gift sewing. But what - and for whom?

Gift sewing. But what – and for whom?

2 Comments on “Method – or just madness?”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    The top looks beautiful. Isn’t wonderful when something fits so well?!!

  2. […] Method – or just madness? → […]

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