Kim Hargreaves Quirky – Liv

I have been sewing lots since my last post – but again it is all for clients and can’t be shown. When I have finished client work I really don’t always feel like sewing for myself so I knit for relaxation. During the last couple of weeks I have been working on another top from the Kim Hargreaves Quirky book.

Liv - from the Quirky knitting book

Liv – from the Quirky knitting book


Bad self portrait - good jumper!

Bad self portrait – good jumper!

Back view

Back view

I didn’t use the recommended yarn as I didn’t have the patience to wait for it to be specially ordered. This should have been make in Rowan ‘Drift’ but I used Patons  ‘Fab Big Colour‘ in a lovely pink mixture that I knew would be wearable with a number of things already in my wardrobe. I thought I would enjoy knitting this as it was on 10mm needles and would be quick to make. I hadn’t used needles this big in many a long year and I found that it was like learning to knit all over again – very unwieldy and clumsy feeling. It was quick, but it will be a long time before I am looking to use these needles again!

This is knitted in one piece until it is divided for the armholes, and has some waist shaping knitted in so that it isn’t too bulky round the middle.  I managed to find buttons that I felt looked really good with the yarn – though sadly not from my multiple button tins this time. I love this jumper/waistcoat and I know I will wear it to death. It is very cosy so is great to wear as an extra layer at the moment as we in the UK wait for the warmer weather to arrive. Though in past experience I suspect it will be worn even then as it is rarely really warm here!

I am still very busy with client sewing and am starting to get a bit ‘twitchy’ and want to make something for myself soon.


Dead on their feet. Stalks?   But still standing straight.

Dead on their feet. Stalks? But still standing straight.

What a lovely colour Mrs Mole's tulips are!

What a lovely colour Mrs Mole’s tulips are!

Remember the tulips?

I threw them out yesterday after well over a week. They looked mummified but were still standing absolutely straight and what amazed me was that the petals didn’t all fall off when I moved the vase to take them to the compost bin. (Oh yes, nothing knowingly wasted here). Mrs Mole sent me a picture of the tulips she had cut and treated as she detailed in her comment to me – it will be interesting to see how they fare. Fabulous colour Mrs Mole!



5 Comments on “Kim Hargreaves Quirky – Liv”

  1. Beautiful knitting – I don’t think I even own needles that big!

  2. Sewbussted says:

    I love Rowan yarn with a passion, but to be honest, I think your version is quite lovely! A very nice substitute for the Rowan yarn.

    • I agree Rowan yarn is wonderful, and thank you for your comment about my top. I already have my next project ready to start in a Rowan yarn. This one is on mini needles so it will take a while. Going from the ridiculous to the sublime. 🙂

  3. ejvc says:

    I knitted a hat with 10mm needles once and ever after referred to them as “clown needles”. I think it took an afternoon. Looks a very useful piece though! BTW thank you so much for all your comments on my blog, they really cheer me up.

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