If you are in a hurry….SLOW DOWN!

Great advise given to me by one of my old tutors. That has served me well over the past couple of weeks clearing my client work – not quite so well personally. Remember my relaxing knitting? It got to this size…

Perfectly knitted ....

Perfectly knitted ….

..before I started to have doubts about the yarn quantities needed. I checked the pattern, checked again, and the e-mailed the lovely people at Kim Hargreaves. It was at that point it was clear I was knitting in the wrong yarn. Wool cotton – check. Wool cotton 4 ply – Doh! See what I mean about slow down? All of this will now be pulled out and stored until I can bear to find another garment to knit it as. It seems that the devil truly is in the detail.

On a nicer note my friends G & H have been to Spain again and returned with another Patrones – this time Issue 325.

Patrones 325

Patrones 325

There are a number of pretty things in this issue – I think the cover dress would be suitable for a ‘prom’ dress for some of the young girls I have seen recently. The complete selection is below.

Patrones 325Patrones 325

I particularly like this top – I will add it to my already massive wish list. I love the front cowl – but adore the racer back that goes with it. Really sweet.Patrones 325Hard on the heels of this issue I received the new Burda Style magazine. In general I would say I preferred the syles in Patrones but this issue of Burda has some really nice things (can you see the wish list growing?).

Burda 6/2013Burda 6/2013

 I picked two dresses I really liked – and both are also shown as tops too – so if you didn’t want to commit to a dress that would be fine. The one on the left is very like a top I saw in ‘Phase Eight’ yesterday – delightfully described by the Management as a ‘crumpled t-shirt’. I’m not sure he  will be impressed if this goes on the list …. but on it goes. The grey maxi is just so easy to wear that I wish I was off on a sunshine holiday. Sadly I will just have to hope that the weather in the UK perks up enough to even contemplate wearing this – if I ever get that far down the wish list. I feel the need for some severe editing coming on.

Crumpled t-shirt or lovely dress?

Crumpled t-shirt or lovely dress?

Easy to wear maxi dress

Easy to wear maxi dress

I am still wading through lots of work for clients so even if the weather is wonderful I wont be wearing any of these in the near future. The other problem is that today I really just dont feel like working so I am clearing all sorts of odd jobs – including tidying my work area up so I can at least see what I am meant to be doing.

I hope everyone out there is feeling more productive than me.

Bye for now.


4 Comments on “If you are in a hurry….SLOW DOWN!”

  1. Crumpled is good in my book! What a shame about the knitting 😦

    • I have just pulled it all out – heart breaking.
      Since I usually look a bit crumpled I like that the dress is meant to look like that – go with your style, huh?

  2. Chris says:

    I just made the crumpled T-shirt top and it is actually very lovely and not like a crumpled T-shirt at all. I must admit I found making it up harder than the “easy” Burda promissed and because of a few mistakes and some rather optimistic seam allowances the top has turned out on the small side 😉 So it will go to my daughter and next time I try I will know not to do all the gathering in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep…

    • Thank you – I will double check the sizing before I cut out in view of your comment.I am really looking forward to being able to sew for me once I have cleared my client work. This may be near the top of the wish list now!

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