Real magic needed?

Sometimes I think my clients think I have elves, or a magic wand, or something similar. Recently one of my ladies brought me this lovely dress – with a bit of a problem:

Oh dear - what to do?

Oh dear – what to do?

Thankfully the damage was at centre back rather than front – but still in a critical position. Whilst like this the dress was totally unwearable, and with unshakable  faith my client left it with me ‘because I know you will be able to do something’. Oh dear. I left it to mature for a couple of days, I did other jobs, I sharpened all the pencils, I dusted the workroom. That was the cue to say that nothing worthwhile was going to get done whilst this waited.

Perched on the pressing ham to keep the lining out of the way the damage looked awful. I threaded up a number of needles and started to ‘connect’ the bits that were still obvious. And then I checked out the surrounding area to get guidance for what to do next. It was impossible to reconnect all of the lace as it was originally as it was so badly torn but I worked slowly and as methodically as I possibly could. The repair is really just lots of chain/bar tacks holding everything together on faith and prayers but as my dad would have said ‘It looks fine to a man on a galloping horse’. I think it could possibly bear closer (but not really close) scrutiny. She comes for it on Monday – I hope she will be happy.

Not perfect but passable.

Not perfect but passable.

8 Comments on “Real magic needed?”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    You saved a dress from going to the rag bin. Beautiful job. I always tell students about their little imperfections, “if someone is looking that close, they need to be slapped!!!” This client owes you, big time!

  2. mrsmole says:

    Holy Crap on a cracker! You made all the joins so perfect! Yes, agree with Sewbussted…if someone is looking that close, they should be slapped! Who would imagine that a little maturing and whole lot of black thread would bring that puppy back to life! Now be sure and tell her that when a lady sits down, she pulls the hem of her dress up a little to keep from stressing the fabric…I tell all my brides to do the same…or your butt area will take the strain! Lace dresses especially should be babied and not just plonked down on a chair with the full weight of those cheeks!

    • I hadn’t thought about the sitting down comment so I will make sure I tell her! I was going to suggest she treated it gently anyway. i really don’t want to do that job again 😦

  3. An absolutely stunning job – and I love your dad’s expression! My grandmother always said ” a blind man would be glad to see it” 🙂

    • Dad had lots of this sort of saying but I don’t recall the one your Gran used. I find some of his old sayings sneaking into my conversation now!
      Thanks for the comment on the repair.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Wow. I am absolutely certain she will be thrilled at your beautiful handiwork. Looks perfect to me!!

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