Who knew? (Not me anyway)

Sew-all Thread

Today I feel like a complete idiot. I have been sewing  for decades, using all sorts of thread but largely Gutterman. Today I was shown that the bottom end  of the spool (with the thread trap) can be pulled out so you can  find the end of the thread without spending an age trying to pull it out.

Am I the only twerp that didn’t know?

14 Comments on “Who knew? (Not me anyway)”

  1. WHA?????
    Not me either!…..had to run over and check a spool! Tried the same with a Mettler (to no success).
    Thanks for that handy tip!

  2. mrsmole says:

    I knew because I used to do lots of machine embroidery and they use spools that trap thread tails. The 500 meter Metrosene spools have the same grooves as do the 150 meter ones here in the US. So now you will have no more straggly tails!

    • I knew why the ‘gnarled’ end was there and do use it to keep my threads tidy – but didn’t know that it could be ‘popped up’ to get the start of the reel which is sometimes difficult to find.

  3. I also did not know and have been sewing for years, The 800 M spools (876yards) both the top and bottom slip up. thanks,

  4. Sewbussted says:

    You and I can go hand and hand down that path together. I had no idea!

  5. ellecsews says:

    I didn’t know either! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Velosewer says:

    No way. Is that the trick? Thanks for the info.

  7. CherryPix says:

    Huh!!! I had NO idea….thanks for posting this great little tip!

  8. I feel a bit better now – I thought I was going to get lots of ‘Didn’t you know?’ type comments! Glad to have been able to pass this on 🙂

  9. Gail says:

    Only discovered this tidbit this year. I also had that “we’ll I never!” Moment.

  10. I have never had issue to find the end/begin of the thread and I use this part to store the end to easy find. I have never tried to pull it out – I have to try! Funny!

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