New Blocks for Daughter

All three to be re-done

All three to be re-done

My amazing daughter has upped the amount of running she is doing – both miles and speed- and is changing shape. I don’t do a lot of sewing for her as she no longer lives with us, and it isn’t always easy to see her for fittings, but it is still nice to make her things from time to time.

As she is going to be here tonight (the reason will be made clear at a later date) I thought this was a perfect time to re-do her blocks/slopers. All three. In gorgeous green cotton from Birmingham Rag Market as trials. The basic bodice and skirt block are from good old Winnie Aldrich, but I prefer the trouser block from Hilary Campbell (but do check the waist measure if you go down that route!)

This is a gruesome job, but will be well worth it if I can rely on them for future pattern checks on garments from magazines/purchased patterns and also to have patterns drawn out specifically for her.

We will be pinning the alterations later. I think I will need wine. Lots of wine. She is ticklish and a nightmare to pin.


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