I meant to sew today……

….. but I got completely engrossed in other things.

Yesterday I met a very warm and generous lady who replied to an appeal I made on the Freecycle network  for a sour dough starter. Several people,including Tanya at Chica Andaluza and Nothing But Knit (clearly not just knitting!) have been making sour dough bread,  and I was terribly envious. My own efforts at making a sour dough starter ended in dismal failure – hence the appeal on Freecycle.

Janice Bell lives in Bewdley and runs Bread at Home courses, and very kindly gave me starters for both white and rye bread. Needless to say I started the ‘sponge’ as soon as I had cleared away tea last night and have continued the bread today. My house smells fabulous – and I am now stuffed full of samples from both loaves which I ate at tea time. Yummy.

Sour dough loaves - no longer this big!

Sour dough loaves – no longer this big!

In addition to making these loaves I have been gathering what I need for my next project. I am going to allocate an hour per day before I start work on client jobs to make this jacket. I bought the course from the Craftsy website to see what could be learned from someone who has sewn in industry, rather than just domestic sewing. I have made a start watching some of the lessons, and have already gained some new ideas (Fluxion pens are new to me – I can’t wait to try them out!). The cotton twill was bought a little while ago for peanuts from Birmingham Rag Market so if I don’t like the eventual outcome it won’t have cost a lot and hopefully I will have learned some new skills.

All I need to start?

All I need to start?

I will show you how I am getting along through the week. If I eat much more bread I may need to cut a larger size!

7 Comments on “I meant to sew today……”

  1. Pella says:

    Well done! My sourdour experiments weren’t crowned with success.

  2. Sewbussted says:

    That bread does look delicious, even so many miles away 🙂 I think I would have eaten the entire loaf!

  3. mrsmole says:

    I remember the smell of bread before we went lo-carb 10 years ago….Oh Lordie….now I just concentrate on the sewing …ha ha Even having the dough around and the magic of the proving time and rising…stop me…I’m hallucinating !!!! Your new jacket will be nice to see finished and with tip and tricks!

    • Sorry! The bread smell is almost the most irresistible smell in the world. Probably second only to grilled bacon. Bacon sandwich! Oh, sorry!
      The pattern for the jacket is traced off, and I hope to cut it out tomorrow so progress is being made. Honest 🙂

  4. […] but not allowed! I have been making sour dough bread about twice a week since I was given my starter and last week was no different. I like real ‘loaf tin’ shaped loaves as they are really […]

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