Islander Jacket Express – 2

I have managed to make a start on sewing the jacket today – the Management was going to be home from work a little late so I decided to press on for a little while. Whilst I had decided which interlining I was going to use (an iron on cotton from stash) I hadn’t cut it out, so I made a start on the body and sleeve seams.

One of the main time saving elements that Janet is teaching in this course is the sewing of seams without using pins to anchor them. It took quite a leap of faith to try this but as I am using ridiculously cheap, and very forgiving, cotton twill I jumped right in. What a revelation! The main thing you need for this is confidence so making this particular jacket is going to help lots. I, like many dressmakers, have grown to rely on pinning things into place – all of which slows things down in Janets opinion, and I have to say after today I would be inclined to agree. The seams went together easily, and without my finishing up with an excess on one or other layer. I would say that you are shown a very simple but effective way of holding the fabric on the Craftsy course which helps anchor the fabric well. It will take more practice before I would be prepared to ‘go pinless’ on an important or expensive fabric, but I could see how it might happen. I will almost certainly be using fewer pins in future.

All pressed ready for topstitching

All pressed ready for top-stitching

I managed to sew the sleeves and body pieces together, overlock (serge), and press them in what seamed like a very short time. I have deviated a little from Janet Prays instructions, but having cut and fused all of the pieces that needed to be interlined ready for tomorrow, I will back track when I start again and get to the point in the instructions ready to start top-stitching.

All interlined ready to get going

All interlined ready to get going tomorrow

So far, so good!

5 Comments on “Islander Jacket Express – 2”

  1. mrsmole says:

    If your pattern pieces are drafted and cut accurately you sure don’t have to pin and if you have ever worked in a factory, there are no pins at all! Scary thought and it takes some getting used to, believe me! It’s so great you are learning shortcuts…Lord knows we need them! Can’t wait to see the finished project!!! Woo Who!

  2. Funny… I used to sew ‘pinless’ as so we learned at school. As mrsmole said – you don’t use pins in a factory. Now I am coming back to more pinning, basting/tacking… it is maybe slower – but you have much more control over a garment. But for sure you may use shortcuts if possible … 🙂
    Success with the jacket – I like the colour.

    • I have only ever been a ‘domestic’ sewer – no industrial experience. This is new to me – but I can’t see it being used on anything really important!
      Thanks for your comment about the colour. I still fear I may look like an escapee from an American correctional institution!

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