Islander Jacket Express -4 (or how to make it slowly!)

I got back from my mums house last weekend with great intentions of sorting out all the jobs I had left behind, and finishing half done projects. I wanted to make a start on autumn clothes as it has suddenly become quite chilly, and there are now morning mists on the river- a clear sign that the season is changing. Then I developed another dental abscess. Darn.

I have had three dentist appointments this week, am feeling a bit low, and am just about keeping pace with client work. I have been working on the jacket and hoped to finish it today but in keeping with the way things have gone this week I discovered that the hammer on studs I thought I had bought for the project were actually hammer on buttons so I still need to make buttonholes. I think ‘more haste, less speed’ applies here.

I am setting this aside for the moment as I have a couple of deadlines looming but I hope to finish mid next week. I am starting to get a bit bored and if I don’t finish this I will cast it aside as an undeserved wadder. I will give more details about my opinion of the jacket, and the Craftsy course when I finish.

Hammer at the ready but they are buttons - not studs. Doh!

Hammer at the ready but they are buttons – not studs. Doh!

P.S. Thank you to those who wished my mum well. She is much better now and able to cope on her own again.


4 Comments on “Islander Jacket Express -4 (or how to make it slowly!)”

  1. Karen says:

    It sounds like you’ve had one of those weeks:) Sometimes it’s just easier to let everything stew and get back to it later…
    I’m glad your Mom is doing better.

  2. Good wishes to you and your mum…

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