Express Topeka?

How did that happen? The knitting I started, from yarn that had matured nicely in my stash, to take to my mums house has been my main ‘relaxation’ over the past couple of weeks. I did manage to knit up to the armhole division, and one sleeve, while I was at mums, and I have knitted while I have been watching telly/feeling sorry for myself since then.  Yesterday I actually finished the jumper. Before the stitched jacket I started ahead of this. How is it possible to knit a top quicker than you sew one. A puzzle for sure.

I know that this pattern has been very popular on Ravelry, and is a really easy knit as it is all stocking stitch (mainly) knitted in the round which means it is all knit and little purl. Even the sleeves are knitted in the round before being incorporated into the yoke at the underarm. I did have some issues with the pattern when it came to the decreasing/neckline shaping. If anyone else has made the 43.5 without problem please let me know. Mentally knitting a smaller size seemed to work out fine, but my size didn’t seem quite right. Maybe it was me. Making up is so easy – just a tiny bit of grafting under the arm and then darn in any ends. Then sew on buttons.

The buttons turned out to be the biggest headache. The yarn is a lovely jade green, and almost impossible to match. So I didn’t even try. You know all those odd buttons in your tin that you really don’t know what to do with?

Use all the odd buttons!

Use all the odd buttons!

Yep. I used odd buttons all the way down the front. All eight. You would not believe how long I wasted playing with all the button tins, making different permutations of the possible buttons. The Management eventually put a stop to it and told me ‘just sew them on’. Spoilsport.

The dodgy selfie

The dodgy selfie

There wasn’t anyone with me today to take a full photograph so I’m afraid you will have to make do with the ‘dodgy selfie’. I really must get a tripod! The jumper is still quite short, despite adding 1.5″ to the body length at the hem. I think I would probably add another inch if when I knit this again. I really like it! The weather here in Bewdley has started to feel really autumnal so I imagine this will get a good amount of wear. 

While I was sorting the yarn stash I found the remains of the yarn I used to make the crochet skirt I copied from Carolyns blog. I love this skirt and can’t wait t wear it again this winter – and I love the colours . I am contemplating making another Topeka using the remains to make a mainly black top with random stripes in the colours I have left. What do you think?

More Innocent hats

More Innocent hats

I have also been making more little hats for Innocent Smoothie company. The Managements office are trying to exceed last years high 200’s hat donation so I have managed to do 20 so far as a contribution. For every drink with a hat on the Innocent company give a donation to Age UK. Want to join in? The details are here.

The Islander jacket is next. Promise.


8 Comments on “Express Topeka?”

  1. Karen says:

    I love your Topeka! The color is gorgeous. The assortment of buttons is so fun. It looks fabulous on you!

  2. sdbev says:

    This is lovely and the buttons are so charming!

  3. Looks gorgeous and the colour is stunning!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Oh it’s lovely, and the buttons are a genius touch! It looks just gorgeous on you 🙂

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