More PJ’s and Coverstitch experimenting

The Management asked for more PJ’s, being so pleased with the helicopter trial pair I made so long ago. Unfortunately I still haven’t found any sensible fabric to make them in so he had these made today.

Different transport - spot the pocket!

Different transport – spot the pocket!

So…..John Deere tractors this time. Good fun, but still not going to be suitable should he ever have to go into hospital! I really do have to look out for sensible pj fabric. Having said that, this is a wonderful soft, brushed cotton. They will be fabulously warm through the winter.

As I was spending time on something for ‘family’ I took the opportunity to experiment a bit. I used some of the techniques learned in the recent Janet Pray Craftsy course which speeded things up significantly. I also decided to use the chain-stitch function on the coverstitch machine to attach the waist elastic to the pants. Not the neatest job, but I didn’t even trial this. The stitching looks a bit loose when the elastic isn’t stretched but is perfect under pressure. I had to replace the elastic in a pair of Jean Muir trousers (sadly not mine!) recently which made me think how much easier it would have been just to be able to pull the chain-stitch thread loose, which is why this was so appealing. The whole procedure was very quick too. I love this machine!

Chain-stitched elastic

Chain-stitched elastic

I used the coverstitcher a couple of days ago to hem a jersey dress for a client. Blogger SDBev has a wonderful site called the 900CPX Cookbook in which she shows all sorts of wonderful things she has been doing with her coverstitcher – and explains how to go about getting the same results yourself. She very recently made something and used the seam guide that Janome intend to be used with this machine.  Being a cheapskate thrifty dressmaker I thought I would try other options before I spent any more money on accessories.

Super cheap seam guide

Super cheap seam guide

The first option is well known to many dressmakers. Cheap, move-able, and easily available. Yes, the post it note makes a great seam guide.

Pfaff edge guide

Pfaff edge guide

The second option was the edge guide that is included with the accessories in my Pfaff machine box. It fitted perfectly well into the screw hole on the CPX presser, and could measure out a good few inches before becoming unstable. Although I didn’t try it I am sure this would work to the left of the foot too. I suspect this will be the method I will be using for a little while yet.

I have an alteration project to do for my darling daughter which needs the actual coverstitch function  – but I need to work out precisely what I need to do first. I will report at a later date.

10 Comments on “More PJ’s and Coverstitch experimenting”

  1. sdbev says:

    Thanks for the lovely words. Post-its work fine, as done blue tape. Wish I’d thought about my quilting guide which never gets used at the SM.

  2. I won a pj pattern from Pendle Stiches – can’t wait to find some lovely fabric to make them up in! I think the tractors would be perfect for a hospital visit – would make th enurses smile 🙂

  3. Sewbussted says:

    I love those pjs and I bet he would be a hit with the nurses, God forbid if he did have to go to the hospital 🙂
    BTW, I purchased a magnifying headband with a light. Love it!!!!!

  4. Gjeometry says:

    Have fun with your new ‘toy’. :). I use a magnet as my seam guide. It cost next to nothing, has a straight edge and is 3D which holds the fabric edge better than something flat. I think you are not supposed to use these with programmable electronic machines but could be wrong.

  5. sewruth says:

    Oh I long for a simple pair of jammie bottoms, even a T-shirt, but alas no – full tailored jacket!!!

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