Bewdley has been yarn bombed!

The Management has a bad cough at the moment. Like a walrus who smokes (it has to be said that The Management doesn’t smoke). It is disturbing us both at night, so neither of us is getting much sleep. I was really fuggy headed this morning and decided to have a walk to try and shine up my brain before I did any work. I have spotted some of these items before but thought I ought to give you a little view of my (very beautiful) town.

A lovely hat on the post box

A lovely hat on the post box

My first stop was to post a letter – and found that the post box had grown a very natty hat. You can’t really see the detail from my phone picture but it has little ‘Postman Pat’ motifs around the edge. And a lovely bobble on top.

Look out for the fisherman!

Look out for the fisherman!

I continued to the river (Severn, since you ask. It used to be called the Sabrina – I wish it still was) and took the picture of the fish in a net. If you look very carefully you might be able to find the fisherman who was in waders in the middle of the river. I suspect he will be buying fish and chips for tea.

Warm tree?

Warm tree?

This was the first piece of ‘yarn bombing’ I spotted in Bewdley. It is a lovely warm tree in Jubilee Gardens, just behind our wonderful Museum. You can see the open air theater in the background. Aren’t we lucky in our little town. I will have to watch this tree over the coming weeks to see if the warm coat makes it’s leaves stay longer.

Lady Tree?

Lady Tree?

After walking through the museum back to head for home there is only one more thing to show you.  Just opposite the wonderful Farm Shop there is a tree dressed as a lady. Complete with handbag. And hat. Lovely.

I have no idea who is putting these wonderful pieces of art around town, that is possibly the idea, but I love them. And finding a new one on a walk is a real delight. I hope you enjoyed them too.

I feel just about ready to cut out my dress and do battle with the coverstitcher now. Or at least after a cup of tea and something to eat.




4 Comments on “Bewdley has been yarn bombed!”

  1. Karen says:

    I love the yarn bombing and seeing your town! I am so sorry about the coughing and more so the disturbed sleep. I hope everyone is getting a good nights rest soon:)

  2. What fun – I wonder who is doing it?!

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