I’m A Great Aunt!

In truth I thought I always was, though my nephew & nieces may beg to differ, but now it is official. With the arrival of my nephews firstborn I am officially a GREAT Aunt. Both the new mother and I are fans of Converse sneakers so when I found this FREE pattern on Ravelry it was obvious I had to make it up!

Converse, great and small!

Converse, great and small!

My boots are only a size 6/EU 39 so you get an idea of scale. These little boots are just beyond cute! Crochet isn’t something I do lots of, and I struggle a bit with patterns but I managed to make something that looked pretty much like the original picture in not too much time. The yarn was a negligible amount, and all available from stash. It wasn’t as if I had nothing else that should have demanded my attention – but I downed all other tools and enjoyed a few hours immersed in a craft I rarely use. Nice music on the radio, a cup of tea to hand, what more could a girl want? (Chocolate springs to mind!)

I love these, and really enjoyed making them, so I hope that the new parents do too. Now, who else can I make some for….


7 Comments on “I’m A Great Aunt!”

  1. mrsmole says:

    They are just darling!!!! You are a GREAT aunt!

  2. Sewbussted says:

    Very cute. I can see that this baby is already being spoiled by a “great”auntie!

  3. Ruth says:

    Those boots are just the cutest thing!

  4. Oh now those are adorable – and I love to crochet. Just need to find me a tiny baby to make them for 😉 Congrats on th enew addition to the family!

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