Coverstitcher truce

I haven’t mentioned the Janome Coverstitcher for a while but we have been making slow progress together, not perfect, but a truce none-the-less. I had been avoiding the whole ‘sports fabric’ area and just concentrated on the sort of things that enabled me to learn more about this strange machine without completely freaking me out. Then this arrived.

They both need to be the small size

They both need to be the small size

My darling daughter has secured a place in next Aprils London Marathon and is going to have to really ramp up the training through the winter.Just the time that laundry becomes more difficult. So, she needs more sports gear. As many runners out there know some events give away a t-shirt on completion of your run. Rarely are they the right size – hence the need to adapt the orange monster above.

My first attempt at remodeling a ‘too large’ sports top ended in disaster. I really shouldn’t have tried that sort of a project as one of my first experiences of coverstitching. I had skipped stitches, terribly wobbly seams, and in all it was just awful.

One of the problems last time was that I was ‘working in the dark’ with no real idea of what was needed. This time I had a top I knew fitted and was comfortable for her to run in to copy. Using pattern paper and pins/tracing wheel I was able to make a pattern I was pretty confident in – and with the experience I had in general pattern cutting I was able to iron out a few snags before I got to the top ready to start cutting it up.

Thankfully having used the machine more now the second attempt went really well! I didn’t change to another needle, didn’t fiddle with any of the tensions, or any other voodoo and it worked just fine. Maybe it was just because I had relaxed? Anyway, the seams weren’t precisely straight – but were straight enough. They were stitched flat so they wont rub, and didn’t have skipped stitches. I was veryhappy.

Happy with the job this time!

Happy with the job this time!

When she comes to stay for Christmas my daughter can take these away – and hopefully one of the other two outsized tops that are waiting for attention. She has been advised that in future if she can’t get a top that actually fits to go for the largest available so I have lots of room to adjust!

Matching sizes - hurrah!

Matching sizes – hurrah!

Whilst I do run/jog I don’t go anything like as fast or as far as her so I enjoy taking in my surroundings (yes, I go that slow!). I was surprised to find penguins in Bewdley the other day on my little circuit from home. More bombing!

The one in the middle has been fishing!

The one in the middle has been fishing!

They really cheered me up – although the local anglers will probably not take kindly to them fishing! We have a seal in the river at the moment (whom I have looked out for and not seen – boo!) and there is a campaign to have her relocated to the sea as she is reducing the fish stocks. How long before they want to relocate the swans?

15 Comments on “Coverstitcher truce”

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’ve got the Janome Coverstitch… since October. I haven’t had a chance to try it!! I’m super busy at work & figured I needed some time to sit down & figure it out… Any advice or online resources?

  2. mrsmole says:

    There is a point when the new machine settles down and quits fighting you…ha ha. On some fabrics I have taken to hand basting a hem all the way around before throwing it under the clear foot. I trim after I stitch so I never worry about not catching all the crap on the wrong side of the hem. Then I pull the long basting stitches out and trim close with duckbill scissors…Voila’ perfect hem. Last year I was hemming RTW ladies’ tennis tops 1/2 inch shorter and was going out of my mind trying to convince them that NO ONE would notice that 1/2 inch extra length…finally I raised my rates and they had a change of heart…coincidence?Love your penguins!!!

    • MY method was to pin and go VERY slow where needed! Yes, trim afterwards.
      I agree it is amazing when you increase a price for more effort that a compromise is often perfectly acceptable 🙂 Sometimes I really want to just sew for myself.
      I saw more penguins on the other side of the river! Two on their own – maybe they will all join up into a herd. (Is that what a bunch of penguins is called?)

  3. Chris says:

    I am reading this with bated breath as I have the Janome now too. I only did a few bits and pieces with it which went well enough though not perfect so I am keen to learn. so your posts are invaluable information for me.

  4. Ruth says:

    Oh me and and the serger are still at loggerheads – so have one on me for conquering your coverstitcher!
    Don’t those penguins just give you something to smile about?

    • Have you thought about the Craftsy basic course? I looked at it and found stuff I knew nothing about after already killing one serger off (probably because i knew nothing about…..)
      Good luck with yours. Honestly, it does get easier 🙂

  5. Sewbussted says:

    T-shirts rarely fit me as I would like, so I always buy a huge one and cut it to my style and size specs. So much better than what comes off th shelf. I hope your daughter appreciates what you do for her!!

  6. Glenda says:

    Have you seen the knitted penguin heads on the posts at Dog Lane car park?

    • NO! I will be hot footing it down there in the morning (got to get my veg from Tony so very close!)
      Thank you for letting me know about them. Did you spot the penguins at the bus stop opposite Dog Lane Mews? I presume they were heading for Bridgnorth but the buses round here are pretty rare 😉

  7. Carol says:

    re trimming the seam after coverstitching, I have the Creative Serging Craftsy course and that is exactly what is recommended. Just coming to grips with my own overlocker too.

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