Patrones 329 Model 9 Top

Every dressmaker I know will identify with my day yesterday. I have known for weeks that I had a lovely night out planned with friends. I have also known for (the same number of) weeks that I didn’t have anything I wanted to wear to the event. Hence the manic day yesterday.

No pressure!

No pressure!

The Management went out for the day at about 7.30am and wasn’t expected back until late, so at 9am this was the state of my top. I am glad to say that the pattern had been traced off and cut out during the week so I can’t be accused of being totally unprepared!

The fabric I used is a woven viscose with a sequin design that I think looks a little like raindrops on a window for the body, and satin for the placket and neckline detail. Not what I would tend to wear – but it was meant to be a fairly ‘glitzy’ occasion so I didn’t want to let the side down. The pattern is a very simple design  (from my wish list of a little while ago) so I didn’t refer to the instructions in the magazine at all. I put the back and front  yoke pieces together and cut them as one piece to avoid a shoulder seam. I did put a balance mark at the shoulder point to enable the sleeve to hang correctly, but really couldn’t see the point of having a seam other than as a guide for this. And it saved a little time.  I cut the inside yoke piece in plain cotton – no-one would want to have sequins on the inside of a garment. It was easy to use the burrito method to enclose the seams before sewing the sides and putting in the sleeves. I should probably have taken 1cm off the shoulder but it isn’t critical.

I did cut the body and sleeves a bit longer than advised, and probably should have cut them even longer. I am only 5′  4″ tall so if you want to make this and you are taller than that I would check the length before you hit your fabric. The only other change I made was to cut the front plackets in one piece (folded down the centre rather than seamed) as the satin I was using was a little heavier than ideal for the job and I wanted to cut bulk, and also I seamed the centre front for about 4″ as I couldn’t find any fastenings I really liked. I had been looking whilst shopping when this was still at the planning stage, and also tipped out all three of my button tins in the hope of finding treasure in there. Sadly not. Closing this with stitching kept this ‘decent’ and no-one was aware it was meant to be any other way.

After multiple interruptions – what a fool I am to think that I would get a quiet Saturday since ‘he’ was out – the top was finished in plenty of time for me to rush out and buy supplies for another job before collapsing into a well deserved bath and preparing to go out.

I had a fabulous night out, ate and drank far too much, sang loudly (everyone did!), and played a tambourine for the first time in decades. All in all a great success. And the top was good too.

Make up worn off in the enjoyment!

Make up worn off in the enjoyment!

16 Comments on “Patrones 329 Model 9 Top”

  1. It turned out wonderful! I like the fabric. The most important that you had a great time 🙂

  2. Looks fabulous – sounds like you christened it in style 🙂

  3. mrsmole says:

    Lovely and practical at the same time. Wish I could see the fabric closer up but black fabrics just don’t photograph well do they? Thank you for your walk through the construction and for reminding us we all do the same thing…sew in a rush when the men are out and come up short in the buttons…ha ha…makes me feel so normal!

  4. sewruth says:

    Perfect party top made in a day and it sounds like you partied well! Good for you – show those young ones how to do it!

    Oh and as for Mrs Mole (and you) feeling normal – you are both sewing goddesses – so cut the humility – it only makes the rest of us feel less ‘normal’ – LOL

    • Believe me when I say if it wasn’t for the last minute panic I would never get anything done! But I quite like the idea of being a goddess – even if I am clinging on to the plinth by my fingernails 🙂

  5. smittenness says:

    Had to laugh as I recognised that “last minute sewing for an event I’ve known about for ages”. It looks elegant and chic on you. Like the sleeves and the neckline especially. Great fabric choice.

  6. Bri says:

    Yes I definitely have done this a time or two….
    Congrats to you for zipping it together and still having energy to go out and have such a fun night!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Your top looks both chic and comfortable… and yay! for getting it done so efficiently!

  8. […] was cut out early on Sunday morning and the machines were threaded ready to go. But as the Kim, The material Lady herself, recently wrote – last minute sewing has its drawbacks – no zip, no lining, no time to […]

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