Nutty New Year

Well I got back to work on clients stuff on Monday. My first job was to gather all the things I had ‘put away until after the holidays’. Ouch. I really hadn’t realised how it was building up so this week has been absolutely nuts.

I realised pretty quickly that Minoru jacket was going to have to wait for attention. However, I hadn’t considered how interested you people would be about the NIKWAX wash in waterproofing. Now I may have sounded a good deal more confident about this than I ought to have been – this was as much an experiment for me although I obviously didn’t make that clear! I have used this on commercial garments to ‘reproof’ them after washing so I thought it would be good to try. Nothing to lose after all.

The small piece is pre-washing.

The small piece is not washed.

You can see from the photograph that the water I sprayed onto the fabrics has stayed on the surface on both pieces so I have hopes that this jacket will be showerproof – not deluge proof but good enough. As the fabric wasn’t bought as a waterproof/showerproof fabric I am happy with the level of protection I have got there – and I know I am able to launder it again with the treatment if I need to.

The Thinsulate has arrived for the warm interlining but I haven’t had an opportunity to cut it out yet – I am planning a bus-mans holiday this weekend so hope to have something to show early next week.

P.S. I can’t remember who asked but the pockets I am added will be welt pockets. I will mitre the corners to remove the bulk from the very edges – but more on that later.

7 Comments on “Nutty New Year”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    Looks like a very successful experiment. Great to know.

  2. I made it!! says:

    Wow that works really well!

  3. Brilliant – I was curious!

  4. Felicianna says:

    I like this jacket too. May I ask you where have you ordered the Thinsulate?

  5. Carolyn says:

    That looks like such a brilliant product!

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