Minoru progress report #2

I haven’t got on quite as well as I had hoped with my jacket – it is only as far as it is because I have imposed a deadline! Working on it over the weekend was a good idea as I have had no time to work on it through the week. Unfortunately I got distracted on Saturday by Bewdleys Wassail. Yes, I thought that too.

Dancers in Jubilee Gardens

Dancers in Jubilee Gardens

Dancing despite flood threat

Dancing despite flood threat

Bewdley was full (or so it seemed) of dancers in remarkable costumes giving their all before the Wassail ceremony on Saturday afternoon to bring luck and a good harvest to the fruit trees in the community orchard inn Jubilee Garden. All great fun and terribly pagan. Mr Styles, who sells my favourite apple juice  was there so I stocked up on my favourite Bramley and Cox juice. Someone else was selling fabulous sausage rolls so I added them to my home made Celery soup and lunch was sorted.

I really fell in love with the willow chicken that Bewdley Willow had brought along as part of their display – if anyone sees The Management suggest one for my birthday!Isn’t it fabulous. They had photographs of some of their other work which was wonderful. Anyway, you can see how anyone would have been distracted. And also what a bizarre town I live in!

Bewdley Willow statues - I love that chicken!

Bewdley Willow statues – I love that chicken!


Looking good so far -the back view.

Looking good so far -the back view.

Raglan seams sealed

Raglan seams sealed

Back to the jacket. I sewed the body together and sealed the raglan seams with some waterproof tape from Pennine Outdoor to try and make it a little more rain resistant. The tape was fairly easy to use – simply iron into place and leave to allow the glue to set again. I hope it will help, but as it is something I haven’t used before I will have to report back after wearing. I also used the tape on the seam in the hood. It seemed like a no brainer to have it at the very top of the garment that would be hit be rain first. Lets hope it works!

I made the welt pockets in the front pieces before I stitched the body together. Nothing really to report on the basic welt pocket – however the actual flaps/welts are a little different. I used a method I first saw in Threads magazine many years ago from an article called ‘No-bulk Envelope Welts’ (pause whilst everyone charges off to check their magazine stash – you have to go to February/March 1998 ladies!) . This looks complicated but isn’t, and whilst it wasn’t essential in this fabric you can imagine the difference it makes to a thick wool pocket.

Pocket support

Pocket support

Bulk Free welt flap patterns and samples.

Bulk Free welt flap patterns and samples.

If you click on the pattern/sample picture you can enlarge it to see the principal involved. By making the seam at the end of the flap (which would normally end up four layers of fabric deep when turned) into a mitered corner in moves the bulk from the seam away from the very end. This makes the pocket much neater, and also easier to sew in place as you aren’t quite so likely to be falling off the end.

Inside the pocket I attached a strip of scrap to the top of the pocket bag and attached it to the front of the jacket so that the pocket will be supported by the seam when it is all finished.

I’m pretty pleased with the jacket so far, it is fitting pretty well although the sleeves are too long at present. Once I have the zip sewn in I will start on the lining/Thinsulate interlining. I think that should take less time than the main body as there are less details to be sewn so I really want to finish it next week.

All I have to do is keep up with customer deadlines. So far so good, but more are ringing now. Aaargh.

11 Comments on “Minoru progress report #2”

  1. mrsmole says:

    Love those willow chickens too! A couple of those would make a lovely birthday present! Great work on the jacket so far and thank you for the link to the perfect welt pockets in Threads. I have the CD with every issue made so it will be handy to check that out. Wish your clients would just leave you alone for another couple weeks don’t you?

  2. Sewbussted says:

    Looks like a fun and lively town and the jacket looks great so far.

  3. I made it!! says:

    That is one really really cool chicken!

  4. sewruth says:

    Jez, I though the Irish were weird but you English can beat us hands down! The common enemy – we both have to beat the rain! I really like your pocket lining. I love things that other people can’t, or won’t ever, see.

  5. Glenda says:

    Those costumes on Saturday were great. I especially loved some of the women’s jackets with lacing. We couldn’t stop to see the wassailing but it was certainly busy when we left.
    The jacket is looking excellent and that’s a good tip for the welt pockets – I usually remember tips like that after I’ve done them the old way!

    • It was a great event. Another Bewdley at it’s oddest! I didn’t stay for the wassail but enjoyed everything else – particularly the costumes.
      I know what you mean about remembering too late. The amount of times I have remembered the easier way of doing things after I have struggled for ages. Doh! I will e-mail when the jacket is finished to arrange a ‘meet’.

  6. Gjeometry says:

    Woohoo, the wassail looks like fun! And, I love this pattern, yours looks to be coming along beautifully!

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