Minoru progress report #3

Confession time. I bunked off for the weekend to stay with my darling daughter in London so didn’t work on my jacket at all last weekend.

However, I can report that the Isabella Blow:Fashion Galore  exhibition at Somerset House is well worth a visit. I went on Saturday morning and despite arriving at 10am I was only just finished when I had to meet the DD at 12 noon for the guided tour of Somerset House (free, but you have to pick up a ticket at the welcome desk – and also well worth doing!) . There were lots of Alexander McQueen garments as you might have expected, and Philip Treacy hats, but so much more. Really, if you get the chance go! It was £12.50 full price (only £6.25 on Mondays) and was worth every penny in my opinion. Sadly no photographs allowed to encourage you to buy the book of the exhibition – beautiful but £40 so over my budget limit for the weekend. **

That was followed by a visit to the Tower of London – but we must have been well behaved as they let us out again. (Or so bad they didn’t want to keep us).

Lining showing the Thinsulate (pretending to be a Polar bear?)

Lining showing the Thinsulate (pretending to be a Polar bear?)

Lining right side out - with pocket into the facing.

Lining right side out – with pocket into the facing.

Anyhow, the jacket has had some progress. I have finished the lining, complete with the Thinsulate for extra warmth, and it is all ready to be sewn into place once I finish the cuffs. I have shortened the sleeves a little, but the way the cuffs are done is possibly unnecessarily fiddly in my opinion. I will reserve judgement until they are complete but if I make the jacket again I may change the cuff design.

It really shouldn’t take too long to finish from here – next post with the finished garment and final report.


** I have been sent a comment to say that the Isabella Blow book is only £23 on Amazon so anyone who wants to see more (check out the innards) can look there.

13 Comments on “Minoru progress report #3”

  1. Gjeometry says:

    That exhibit looks really cool! I just googled it. Love your lining fabric!

  2. sewbecause says:

    wow I would love to try to make a jacket with the thinsulate for extra warmth! The minoru is such a cute silhouette! Can’t wait to see the finished jacket!

  3. Sewbussted says:

    I’m loving that lining!!!

  4. I saw it couple of weeks back…took some sneaky pics if u want to check out my blog.the book is only £23 on Amazon!

  5. mrsmole says:

    It’s so nice to be able to sneak off and see clothes from other times and things that might get you inspired. It’s also good to get your brain on another wavelength and refreshed to come back to finish a project like you jacket. It should be warm but lightweight. I think that lining fabric is perfect and adds some pizazz when it is exposed!

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

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