Minoru in Wales

So, not only finished but finished for the event I really wanted it for. How crazy is that? The weekend in Llanberis ( in Snowdonia) had been booked for some time and I knew that it would be a very casual affair – but that the Welsh weather can be very unpredictable. The Management and I planned a weekend of simple walks, a little shopping, and eating out. Just the place to test out my new Sewaholic Minoru jacket.

Greetings from Dolbadarn castle!

Greetings from Dolbadarn castle!

We arrived in Wales to weather that the NikWax could never have been expected to cope with – a deluge of mixed rain and hail. Thankfully we were luckier later in the weekend although the ‘showerproofing’ was put to the test – successfully I can report. Hurrah!

Back view - and a Welsh mountain

Back view – and a Welsh mountain

Make like a tortoise

Make like a tortoise

It was pretty cold all weekend so I spent most of my time outside wearing a ridiculous fur hat, the hood went unworn. The collar on the jacket is pretty tall, it looks good with the zipper left open a little way, and is good for retreating inside when you get very cold (although you do look a little like a tortoise!

I was very glad of the Thinsulate interlining which worked very well. My body was kept reasonably warm  and on the climb up to Dolbadarn Castle I had to undo the zip to cool off a little.

I wore the jacket again today to do a little shopping in Bewdley and I have to say it has fulfilled all my expectations for this project. It is certainly going to be the ‘go to’ jacket for any casual occasion until it warms up too much to wear the insulated version. When that happens I think I will make another without the interlining – but I will be making some changes to the cuffs. (My only grouch about the whole jacket). Clearly this pattern deserves its great blogosphere reputation.

January’s Garment A Month completed ahead of the 31st and it’s a winner!


19 Comments on “Minoru in Wales”

  1. Great caot fot this winter/cold days! Have a great time!

  2. CherryPix says:

    The ‘Make like a tortoise’ pic made me laugh! Great to read about how you ‘warmed up’ the Minoru, such a good design!

  3. Sewbussted says:

    The jacket really is a winner. Looks wonderful on you. Do another post and glad the lining!!

  4. I made it!! says:

    Great coat! Beautiful scenery!

  5. Tracy H says:

    Looks great really cosy and warm perfect for Wales. I would never have thought of going to Wales in cold January but the scenery makes a perfect back drop for your pics

  6. Oh well done – it looks great (especiall in the tortoise photo!) and clearly works well to keep you warm 🙂

  7. foamofdays says:

    The photos make me want to visit this beautiful place.. Great job on the jacket! Looks warm and cosy, just right for winter weather..

  8. Carolyn says:

    Your jacket looks just lovely; even the colour is toasty and warm 🙂

  9. Glenda says:

    Many thanks for letting me try the coat on yesterday – I now know it’s not the one for me. Your lining is just brilliant with it and I don’t think the pics do justice to how lovely this coat is IRL. Looking forward to our next meet up!

  10. […] once back I set to work on another Sewaholic Minoru Jacket which I cut out before I left. The warm, waterproof version has become my ‘go to’ jacket […]

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