Two Peas in a Pod

Not quite a roaring success for me – but wearable for someone smaller – maybe my daughter. I confess this is entirely my mistake as I didn’t check the ‘stretchability’ of the fabric before I cut it out. I think in a stretchier fabric this may be just fine. With one caveat.

The length. Oh dear. I did add 5cm to the pattern (before it was resized as directed in the book) but clearly with this fabric that is insufficient. It might need to be longer in any fabric. Perhaps even people who are 5’4″(petite in European sizing) would be ‘tall’ in the Pattern Magic measurements.

Anyway, I loved this pattern. Easy to make the pattern from the instructions given in the book, simple to have it resized by someone with a photocopier as clever as a room full of owls, and a breeze to sew together. This took me just over an hour to sew, including the time needed to switch the threads on the overlocker and coverstitcher. I used 4 thread overlocker for the seams, and 3 thread coverstitching round the hem and sleeves.I worked the neckline using the same method as for the draped t-shirt rather than the simple turn and sew from the book as I think that it looks better. Just personal choice. Shame it doesn’t fit!

I have had huge problems trying to upload the pictures and have given up. Find the pictures here. I will edit this post eventually to put them in but I really haven’t got the brainpower to work out whats wrong. (Ruth – have you sorted your problem. Maybe I have the same one?)

I’m not sure that The Management is impressed with this top. It was some of his comments that made me laugh while he was taking the photographs – sorry. Despite that I will be trying again in a more stretchy fabric which I hope will fit. I will be adding about 4″ to the bottom to ensure I don’t have to hold the front hem down in normal wear.

That is the two garments I had planned to make in February – completed well within time and at least one of them fits. I discovered that by pulling the hem on the draped t-shirt down to hip level it can be worn as a tunic with a belt and looks great (sorry, no photo). Also, we are almost at the end of the month and I can confirm that I have not broken my RTW fast.

I need to plan what I am going to make in March now. My daffodils have started to show flower buds, so they think spring is on the way even if I have doubts. Stash diving needed to find something appropriate.

7 Comments on “Two Peas in a Pod”

  1. mrsmole says:

    OH MY Kim….all that work and such a tight top! Maybe next time use a darker opaque knit with more stretch in both directions? I think the design features are nice and interesting but not close enough to your size to be flattering. It could actually be a very interesting dress if it grew longer or tunic with tights. We learn something with every project…what’s next?

    • I think it is only fair to show that even with decades of experience we can turn out a howler – and how! This was a simple case of too much haste and not enough thought. I will be trying again. 😉

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Ah yes, stretchability. I just sewed Burda trousers for stretch fabric and it was opposite situation, too big!! I think perhaps because my fabric was much stretchier than what they called for. Length has always been a mystery to me, as well. Some patterns, I have to add 5 cm to and others I have to chop off 5 cm and it will be from the same pattern companies, or at least similar and made for somebody 5’7″, etc. Nice to hear you loved the pattern, I can’t wait to still crack open my Pattern Magic books!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Oh- if this were longer and had more stretchitude it could be a very frisky tunic- don’t give up on it!

  4. sewruth says:

    Hi Kim, my disappearing pictures problem has ‘fixed itself!”. Which makes me think it wasn’t my fault at all. Maybe yours is better now too?

    Change your fabric for the next T-shirt -a bit more stretch and opaque will make all the difference. But hey, thanks for being brave to show us those peas!

    • I just almost choked on a cup of tea and raced back to Flickr to check those photographs for decency!
      I plan to try again in a stretchier fabric (but still longer) so hopefully that will be better 🙂

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