London Marathon – may I have a mothers gloat?

Wow. What a weekend!

The run up started with a request from the daughter who was trained to perfection, all ready to go, just needed to iron her name to her running vest without melting a hole into it. Ooops. Melted.

It fits!

It fits!

Chaotic trimmings

Chaotic trimmings

Yes, the request was for me to bring the sewing machine to reduce the size of the replacement vest that her charity had been able to provide at short notice. It would have been fine if she had been a large bloke, but she is a tiny female. I mentally had Claudia Winkleman in her Great British Sewing Bee voice telling me that ‘I had one and a half hours to reduce the size of that vest to fit my runner or be left behind while she and dad went out for her birthday supper’. No chance of that! I did forget to take the before picture but the after one isn’t too bad, and I ironed the name onto the vest without melting it. Phew!

Honestly, that is Mo

Honestly, that is Mo


 The Management and I were settled on the course on Sunday morning in loads of time to see all the London Marathon action. Wheelchairs, the womens elite, and the mens – including the much awaited Mo Farah who I almost got a photograph of. You would imagine since he was going too fast for me to catch him he would have broken the record he was aiming for. Sadly not, but what a trooper for saying he will be trying again.

I spent the next spell peering into the scrum of runners looking for our own Melissa Fehr. I now know that she finished in a blistering 3.30.37 so it was no surprise I missed her! Well done Melissa – that is an amazing pace.

Shared Photo

Well done Melissa!

We managed to see lots of amazing runners – I have amazing respect for them all but the ones in costume must have been really suffering in that heat. It was wonderful supporting weather but it must have hurt like hell to run in.

Looking cool - but check out Dan the fireman in the background!

Looking cool at 12 miles – but check out Dan the fireman in the background!

Finished - and very proud

Finished – and very proud

We managed to miss our runner from our position at 24 miles but it was great to be able to see just how determined everyone was at that point to make it to the end despite there being a lot of ‘walking wounded’. It just showed how amazing people are. I was humbled by their efforts.

My amazing daughter managed to finish her first marathon in 4.42.29. Yes, I know others have done their first marathon faster – but they aren’t my girl. And she is only 5’1″. There have been jokes about her getting a distance allowance for being so small. Small in stature perhaps, but massive in determination. I couldn’t be more proud.

The Management and I eventually tracked down our runner at the collection point in Horseguards Parade (how good was it to be there!) and took her away to have the beer that she said she had been craving for miles. Seemed only fair! It was even better because the rest of her supporters were in the pub already and raised a cheer that got most of the pub involved when she walked in. She must have felt like a Superstar (and so she should!)

London looked wonderful in the conditions, and almost everyone you saw was smiling. I didn’t spot any ill manners or ‘bad behaviour’ on what was an amazing occasion. I was incredibly impressed that Transport for London gave free travel to everyone wearing a runners number/finishers medal for the day. They almost certainly don’t need to – the runners would have to use the system anyway – but it is a wonderful gesture and the staff were being lovely to the runners I saw on the return from Piccadilly Circus. Well done all the TFL staff – you are great!

Team Jess

Team Jess

I had a great time supporting and would love to do it all again next year. She says maybe.

8 Comments on “London Marathon – may I have a mothers gloat?”

  1. sewbussted says:

    Maybe you do the running and let her do the sewing next year 😉 What a great day, and you do have a LOT to be proud of, what she did and all you did to support her.

    • I run better than she sews – but I still don’t think I am marathon material! I will continue to terrify forest walkers who think I am in danger of collapse whilst out for my osteoporosis avoidance jogs in Wyre but that may be my limit 🙂

  2. Oh well done indeed! I am full of admiration for anyone who does this and I think you should gloat for a long time 🙂

  3. sewruth says:

    Congratulations to Jess (and to mother who her kitted her out!).

    • Thanks Ruth! I am very proud of her – running after work all through the winter clearly paid off.
      The running vest palaver certainly made me more aware of the pressure on the ‘sewing bee’ participants. Not something I would want to have to do too often.

  4. Kim, you must be so proud of your daughter! I can’t imagine running at all, so running for over four hours is a huge accomplishment. And I used to sew, so I know that resizing that vest wouldn’t have been simple at all – you’d almost need to rebuild it! You did a great job though – even the yellow binding all lines up! 😀

    • Thanks Celia! I am still ridiculously happy and very proud of her. She has been out today and run 10 miles just for fun – she has finished off by having champagne (she works for a wine writer so there are benefits!) and ringing me. She has ordered the cake she wants me to make when I go to visit.

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