Clearing the dead wood

It feels a bit like making my way through the Amazon with a machete. However, I am starting to feel better with myself. Now the confession.

I have two rooms for my sewing and supplies. Yes, I know I am very lucky – but I do sew for clients so the actual sewing area has to be kept reasonably clear so I can deal with people without wading through other projects. But the other room. Oh boy. No I am not showing you a before photograph! Ever.

When I am busy I tend to put things for my own work in a little (well, it starts little) pile to be done soon. Then another client has a crisis that takes precedence, and another, or I just have a good novel, and am sick of sewing for a while, and before I know where I am ….  chaos. I hope that sounds familiar to at least some of you. So this week, while I have been on my own, I have dedicated some time each day to sorting it out.

Tidy patterns

Tidy patterns

Sorted pattern piles

Sorted pattern piles

I was horrified to find a veritable hornets nest of pattern pieces that had merged into one horrible mess. I know that these were originally put with the intended fabrics when they were traced, but the fabrics had been moved and so they were just a heap. A largely unlabelled heap. Thank heavens for my pattern cutting training which enabled me to sort them into there respective groups.

Having done that I identified them in the Patrones/Burda magazines they came from and checked that they were complete before labeling each piece and putting them into plastic pockets. I would NEVER have let a clients pattern be treated this way so why am I so bad to myself? They are now all nice and neat and put away tidily (where they should have been) so I feel better.

Re-rolled Rowan yarn

Re-rolled Rowan yarn

Harriet Cardigan

Harriet Cardigan

I also had some time sorting my wardrobe. We had a few days of beautiful sunny weather (yes, I managed to get the garden battered into shape) before reverting back to cold, but it made me think I should sort the dead wood from my wardrobe. Isn’t it lovely when everything is put back and you can see what you really wear – and more precisely isn’t it shocking when you find something you thought you would love that you can’t remember wearing? Putting on and taking off many times, but not wearing all day. This cardigan fell into that category.

I really don’t understand why but the cardigan I loved when it was knitted has never been worn. Ever.

Hanks on a side table

Hanks on a side table

The yarn is beautiful Rowan Felted Tweed, and I loved the colour, which I had paid quite a lot of money for so I didn’t want it just as insulation for my wardrobe. So, with heavy heart and a Star Wars film I settled down to take it to bits and deconstruct it. I managed to get it into balls in one evening and then used an upended side table to wind it into hanks. I know a swift would have made the job easier but I really hope not to have to do this too many times. The yarn is now washed and dried in hanks and ready to knit again. I think into this – any opinions people?

Clearing the room (and wardrobe) has cleared my mind a bit so I feel ‘fresher’ and a bit more ready to take on a new challenge. I still have a bunch of stuff to do for clients (all needed soon so they all have priority over my own work) so it is going to be unlikely that I will get the Jeanius trousers done before the end of the month. Perhaps they will have to be Junes GAM.

I wish you all tidy workrooms, and uncomplicated days. Back soon, when I hope I will have something to show you!

10 Comments on “Clearing the dead wood”

  1. Karen says:

    My life is scattered and placed into piles. I deal with whatever is the most important at that moment and leave the rest. My kitchen is a disaster too.
    I think Backbone is a lovely pattern. It will look so pretty in green:)

  2. sewbussted says:

    I am on a mission to clear out my studio as well. You are an inspiration 🙂

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Ive been sneaking into the sewingroom this werk to clear up undones and prepare for ‘get away from that door- Im sewing all weekend’ !

  4. mrsmole says:

    Boy you struck a few chords with me too, Kim. Piles of orphan pattern pieces of my personal patterns, stacks of neatly plastic bagged packaged patterns for clients and things that should have been finished a year ago for myself but as you say, the clients come first. Thankfully I have no yarn projects to get even further behind! Once you make a clear vacancy, nature will fill it in with something new and exciting…can you handle that? Thanks for sharing and letting the rest of us know just because you have 2 rooms (I do too) that things can still get out of control!

    • More rooms, more mess. The clearance and organisation has continued. I should be feeling mentally shiny after I am all done. I wonder if that will improve personal productivity though?

  5. There’s something about Spring that makes us want to tidy up! It’s good to get organised because then you can have fun messing it all up again 😉

    • Don’t say that! I want to stay magnificently organised and tidy if I ever get to the end of this clear up. The likelihood is that it will be a mess again in short order though 😦

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