Taming the stash

I seem to have been bitten by the ‘organisational’ bug. I have spent this week keeping up with client deadlines, and sorting my wild stash. Yes, it had got totally out of control.

As you may know I used to sell fabrics, and even before that I had a fairly substantial stash which I occasionally used as a ‘shop’ for clients. I have been struggling to remember just what was there, and roughly how much was available, and where it was last seen! That made it somewhat difficult if a client had a specific need that I wasn’t aware of in advance. So…..

Making headway - lots more to do

Making headway – lots more to do

I have printed sheets which detail the fabric, quantity, and location. That should help! This could take a little while to complete but will be well worth the time spent. Do you keep a stash – and how do you organise yours?

This weekend I am going to stay with my daughter and I should have something nice to share when I get back.

2 Comments on “Taming the stash”

  1. mrsmole says:

    You get full marks for starting something so huge!!!!! I have little scraps of paper pinned to my fabrics with the yardage,content and the price I paid after every one of them has been pre-shrunk but that is as far as I can go…just buy more boxes to shove them in for now.

  2. I made it!! says:

    My patterns are organized in a binder and a couple of boxes. My stash is stashed away in Tupperware bins…. not organized!

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