Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Barbican

I had hoped to get the photographs sorted for this post soon after I got home – but I didn’t realise how many I had taken!

This was my first visit to the Barbican in London, which has a reputation as a fairly ugly building. I am told it is in the ‘brutalist’ style of architecture. It was certainly helped by being a sunny day but I thought it was OK. You can judge for yourself.

Ugly or not?

Ugly or not?

I enjoyed lunch in the sunshine outside before heading in for the exhibition. The timed ticket system meant that it was very orderly, and at no time did I feel really ‘crowded’. There were lots of garments, for both sexes, on dummies which at first seemed to be live models. They were actually dummies with faces projected onto them. Some had audio so it seemed as if they were actually talking too.  Freaky!

Next best thing to J_P actually being there

Next best thing to J-P actually being there

As I said I took way too many pictures to show them all here – it was really difficult to stop snapping as there was so much to admire. The detail in the clothing was wonderful, and whilst the staff were ever watchful that no-one got close enough to actually touch anything they didn’t interfere with very close photography. Rather than trying to show them all here you can access them all at my Flickr site.

I really can’t recommend this exhibition enough – I spent about an hour and a half cruising the garments and probably only left because my daughter had already gone to sit in the foyer. Anyone with the slightest interest in fashion and sewing will enjoy it.

This visit was after the Parkrun I did on Saturday morning (in this post) and I was still pretty tired given the condition I ran in. I suggested to my daughter that it might be a good idea to have afternoon tea at the Barbican. She didn’t argue.



If you are near, or can wangle a visit to London go see J-P G. And I can recommend the afternoon tea too 🙂


6 Comments on “Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Barbican”

  1. mrsmole says:

    Amazing display! Love the last ones of leather/animal skin jackets…oo la la! I saw him on the Graham Norton show the other night and he is a funny guy as well as sooo talented! Thanks, Kim, for sharing part of you day with us…so wonderful and inspiring!

    • There was a screen showing film footage of him, including him sneaking up on his Spitting Image puppet. He was clearly enjoying the performance so he obviously has a sense of humour!
      I failed to get a picture of the back of the leather/crocodile jacket with the knitted collar. I wish I had because it had a full length croc tail. Fabulous.
      Glad you enjoyed the pics. 🙂

  2. foamofdays says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info, it’s on my to do list now 🙂 The photos look impressive, but it would be nice to see it all “in flesh”. I’ve been to Barbican before – never knew that it had a reputation of an ugly building..

    • My husband has a very low opinion of it. I can see how on a wet gloomy day it could look a bit ‘blurgh’.
      Do try to get to the exhibition if you can – it really is worth the effort 🙂

  3. You really do go to such great exhibitions! Thanks for sharing 🙂 PS. I’ve always quite liked The Barbican – I love the mix of utterly modern right there in the oldest part of London.

    • Aren’t I lucky! It certainly helps to have a daughter close to London so I can invade for a couple of days.
      Jess didn’t particularly like the Barbican buildings but I thought the tower blocks attached to the complex looked like Sticklebricks (if you remember them). The place is growing on me.

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