I’m relaxed – now I need to work!

It would be flattering to think that some of you might have noticed my absence – but I don’t expect anyone to have done so. I took a short break from blogging whilst I got organised with client work, had a short holiday diving in Cornwall, and got back ready to get stuck into Kenneth D Kings Jean-ius course.

Hah. Serves me right for thinking I could make a plan. I worked really hard before a break last week so that I could clear off diving with a clear conscience (well, more or less) and come back to a light workload which would allow some time for me. That didn’t take into account that ‘The Management’ (who had been left at home) would have accrued a big list of clients who had called to book in. So much for time for me.

However, I know that the 30 minutes a day routine has worked well for me in the past so I will follow that and determine to get a pair of jeans finished by the end of the month. Please feel free to goad me if you see me slacking.

Meanwhile I give you a picture of me half in my favourite outfit, next to a fantastic mode of transport. Shame it is such a poor picture.

Mt favourite suit

My favourite suit

P.S. Whilst the sewing for me is going very badly the (portable) knitting project is going fairly well so my ‘Backbone’ sweater is coming along nicely. Pictures of the progress next time.


6 Comments on “I’m relaxed – now I need to work!”

  1. mrsmole says:

    Yes, some of us have noticed you have been AWOL…and now we find you have been having a really super time under water…enough now Kim…poor hubby has worked his knuckles to the bone gathering and managing all your anxious clients while you have been communing with seas creatures and seaweed. Re-acquaint yourself with the sewing machine and get busy! Put your diving gear away, forget rubber suits and join the rest of us cranking out crap for others…we need to know we are not alone!!!

    • All diving gear now cleaned and stored, salt washed out of my hair, and sewing dusted off. Material Lady present and correct and sewing up a storm. You are not alone – I promise!

  2. sewbussted says:

    Welcome back, you were missed. I was ready to send a message and ask if all was okay. I have never done any diving. Sounds fun though!
    Looking forward to your knit reveal!

  3. We did miss you but as it’s holiday season sort of hoped/guessed your were having fun somewhere – glad that was indeed the case!

  4. sewruth says:

    I noticed you weren’t around – but I think during summer there is a general relaxation of regular blog postings from many sewers (myself included). Glad you’re back though and I’m interested to know how you get on with Jeanius.

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