In which I show my ‘Backbone’

Well time has been running away again and you could be forgiven for thinking I am just settled in the garden with a drink enjoying the sunshine. I wish.

I have been sewing like a maniac to clear client work recently, and every time I clear some space more work arrives. Still, never complain when business is good  – but it makes doing any sewing for myself unappealing so in any ‘relaxation time’ (almost always late evening whilst watching mindless TV) I have managed to finish my ‘Backbone’ sweater.

Collar and back detail

Collar and back detail


Backbone finished!

Despite this pattern showing in my Ravelry search for what could be made with the quality and quantity of yarn I had I was a little concerned that the Rowan felted tweed DK yarn was going to be a bit fine for the project. Now it is finished I am very happy with the result which is going to be much more wearable than the original cardigan I knitted in this yarn.

As the garment is knitted from the top down I didn’t really want to have the ‘chain stitch’ finish you get from my usual knitted cast off so I used this sewn bind off. By finishing the edges this way it gives a much more ‘professional’ finish – and will confuse my mother when she trys to see how this was made! The other benefit of knitting the whole garment this way was that once the knitting was done there was very little by way of sewing together – just a little seam under each arm, and darning the yarn joins. Brilliant.


Backbone … back

If I am being honest life hasn’t been all work – The Management and I had a couple of days in London. We met up with Jess (the Darling Daughter) for a  day at Kew Gardens and Palace. This wasn’t anything like I expected – I thought it may be a bit regimented and stuffy but it was brilliant! We had a fantastic day there, which was helped by the magnificent weather we are having in the UK at present, and I discovered even Royal Parks get yarn bombed!

Yarn bombed tree at Kew

Yarn bombed tree at Kew

Big smocked tree - and little Jess

Big smocked tree – and little Jess

Does that look smocked to you too?

Does that look smocked to you too?



Whilst walking around I also spotted this tree. It was pretty massive so Jess (who is 5 foot 1″ tall) stood in the picture to give an idea of scale. Doesn’t the bark look like it has been smocked? I had to share that with you all.



On a total other subject, I think I have to adapt my ‘Garment a Month’ challenge to ’12 Garments in a Year’ since I have failed to sew anything for myself in June or July – and if I am honest August isn’t looking too promising! Still, I have high hopes of managing 12 garments in 12 months – even if they aren’t evenly spread.


I hope you are all managing to be more personally productive out there in blogland!

16 Comments on “In which I show my ‘Backbone’”

  1. mrsmole says:

    My comment from this non-knitter is just plain “WOW”. Love the color and shape and cable and collar!!! What a cool smocked tree!!!! One day I hope to visit Kew Gardens when I return to the UK for a visit…watching Gardener’s World on TV just isn’t quite like the real thing!

    • I really had to share that tree didn’t I? If you are coming to the UK let me know – it would be great to meet up!
      Thanks for the comments about my jumper. I really think this time it will be worn. Lots.

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  3. sewbussted says:

    What a beautiful sweater. Fun detail!

  4. Tracy H says:

    Gorgeous sweater, love the detail and colour. Your 12 garments a year rather them one a month seems a very practical solution to keeping on course to fulfill the challenge – what a good idea

  5. Wendy says:

    I love your sweater and I am a big fan of Rowan Felted Tweed. I have used it for a couple of cardigans that have turned out to be lovely and light as well as really cosy.

  6. sewruth says:

    Is there nothing you can’t do? Just not fair that you can knit beautifully as well as sew – LOL

  7. Carolyn says:

    That’s a great jumper! the colour is so perfectly springy. I like the “backbone” feature!

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