2014’s hand made Christmas gifts

This house believes

A bit late I know but I can now show you what I made for my friends and family for Christmas.

Damson gin!

Damson gin!

Bottled and ready to go.

Bottled and ready to go.

I started months ago with an unreasonable amount of damsons given to me by a friend. At the end of an hour pricking them (that bodkin will never be the same again!) they were all popped into a demi-john, covered in gin and left to soak for a considerable time to flavour the gin. I probably took longer than was necessary to decide when I had put enough sugar in to sweeten the gin but I can confirm that it tastes great. Not one to waste food (and those damsons sure seemed too good to waste even though they tasted terrible as they were) I also made jam with the strained fruit which tastes wonderful – but I forgot to get any photographs. As you can imagine from the bottle label the jam had ‘Eat Me’ instead but looked very similar! I am told that the gin has now been drunk but that the jam may last a little longer. Opinion is divided as to whether it is ‘Drunken Damson’ or ‘Boozy Breakfast’ jam. If anyone wants the recipe I used let me know.

Granny's Cardigan

Granny’s Cardigan

Continuing my knitting for pleasure around client sewing I was able to knit this cardigan for my delightful mother-in-law. This is The Cosmopolitan Cardigan from Vogue Knitting. It was knitted in a lovely thick, soft yarn called Elegance. I had made this model for my MIL before so I knew it was a hit and would fit. Thankfully I was right – and she loves the colours. It isn’t clear from the photograph but there is a tiny metallic twinkle in the yarn.

Gryffindor hat

Gryffindor hat and sweater – bear sized

Gryffindor hat

Gryffindor hat

Following that, Jess made a request months ago for a Gryffindor hat. Once again I went to Ravelry and used the St Mungo’s simple hat and added the necessary stripes. Now, many (many, many) years ago Jess was given a lovely snow white teddy bear for Christmas. He is now fairly aged, a bit grey, and somewhat slimmer due to lots of hugs – but still very much loved and I knew that  he would also look really spiffy in his new hat and sweater set.

PJ's for The Management

PJ’s for The Management

Despite having to use the sewing machine (and not getting paid at the end!) I knew that The Management would appreciate a new pair of PJ’s. Self drafted pattern already tucked away (TNT now), fabric in stash – sadly not silly this time!- so a good afternoons project. I can confirm that they have been worn and declared a success.

At the beginning of December I received a tweet with this picture saying this would make the DREAM leggings. Brilliant – except that this is just a picture – not a link to some fabric she had found. Supermum into action.

Embedded image permalink

Find this fabric!




Plain blue supplex, and the space leggings!


She had a happy face – but no make-up and hair not done so….

You can’t get a tweet like that and not act on it. After some time searching the internet I remembered that Melissa and Winnie had both used and recommended Funkifabrics. If you are going to click on that link can I suggest that you make yourself a drink and get settled for a long time – there are a gazillion wonderful patterns which are printed to order. I panicked a bit when the fabric arrived as it had a large plain white border and I was concerned that I hadn’t taken that into account when I ordered. Panic unnecessary – the patterned section = the size ordered. Magnificent. She was pleased – I think that was what the scream when she opened them meant.

All in all I think that was a very successful Christmas – even more so as we were able to spend the morning (after a walk in the Wyre Forest) on our balcony in the sunshine with a bucks fizz and a mug of tea.

Merry Christmas from the wine balcony !(Bewdley branch)

Merry Christmas from the wine balcony !(Bewdley branch)

It wasn’t until I looked at the photograph later I realised that I was wearing my Larry sweater, snaky jeans, and hand knitted socks.



12 Comments on “2014’s hand made Christmas gifts”

  1. scruffybadger says:

    Super industrious!! What a lot you made – and so glad that everything went down so well – makes it all worthwhile doesnt it?

  2. sewbussted says:

    I am not a gin drinker, but I’m intrigued with your creation. I bet it’s wonderful. Everything you made is lovely, but I think those tights are my favorite. To find the fabric from the inspiration photo, just wow!!!!

    • Thanks Rhonda! The gin really is nice. I don’t drink gin usually but this tastes of fruit and slides down much too easily.
      With regard to that fabric I don’t know if that will never be equalled or if it will be the start point for all of Jess challenges. Probably the latter.

  3. Lucky you! Making so many things! I was able to get my baking done, cookies and such. It looks like nice weather over there too!

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family – wow, what an amazing collection of fabulousness you produced! Love your socks and the last photo but I think my bottle of Damson Gin must be delayed in the post as it doesn’t seem to have arrived yet 😉

    • It’s waiting for you here – you wouldn’t want this precious fluid in the post! You are welcome to visit if you are here at some time. Just hope it hasn’t all slid down as it is as easy to drink as fruit cordial! (Only you know it wasn’t next day 😎)

  5. mrsmole says:

    Your space leggings are to die for! After drinking your lovely damson gin concoction I think that is what my legs would feel like…floaty and wobbly…not a bad thing after all.

    • Thank you! The feedback has been good and since she has signed up for the Snowdonia Marathon later this year I will probably be making more. More fun choosing the fabric design😀

  6. akua says:

    I love the space leggings and the Gryffindor paraphernalia!

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