More haste, more disappointment

Yet again I have rushed work for myself – with predictable results.

I had a mad busy February, with almost all of my time taken up with two long standing clients with big orders. I couldn’t have predicted this – and my decision to reduce work (mainly by not taking new people, and pulling my telephone listing so I am harder to find!) could have made no difference to this situation. I love working for both these people so I just had to get stuck in.

I had planned to make myself a few new things before going on holiday to Lanzarote a couple of weeks ago. I even bought the fabric well in advance to ensure I was all sorted. And then I ran out of time and rushed the job. Rats. The Management has pointed out that no-one but me gets such poor service, and that I would never rush a clients order the way I do my own work. I know he is absolutely right. Welcome to the world of the professional dressmaker.

Anyway, the sorry details.

First up is a pair of leggings in white scuba lycra. Intended always to be worn with long t-shirts/tunics I thought they would be a great advantage to a holiday wardrobe.  This was lovely, thick, opaque, lycra fabric – there is no way I would have considered leggings in white if it hadn’t been so nice. I realised it didn’t have quite as much stretch as the other fabrics I had made my pattern up with so I added a quarter inch onto the side seams. ‘What about along the length?’ I hear you say. Yup, that was the problem. They fit OK across the width but they could do with a bit more body length. And I always intended them to be above the ankle. Honest. Wearable, but only just. No photos as I couldn’t bear to show such a scew up.

Odd looking on Bessie, sorry.

Odd looking on Bessie, sorry.

A bit lumpy over the tum.

Next was that wonderful Vena Cava dress I made before. It was such an amazing dress even made up in such tatty fabric that I was delighted with the scuba lycra I got that looked almost like a cloque. And it is orange! You all know I  can’t pass up orange fabric by now. It didn’t seem very thick, handled beautifully, and sewed up in a flash. Perhaps I should have stood back a bit off the pedal and tried this on a couple of times before sealing it up. Again, the lycra clearly didn’t stretch quite as much, and the fabric was a bit thick to be persuaded into all of those tucks over my tummy. I still like the dress, and can (and will) wear it – but it would look better if I lost a few pounds. Again, no photos of me but I persuaded Bessie into the dress.

There is no-one to blame but myself for these flops, and whilst I might seem as though I am having a whinge (and I suppose I am a bit) I have fessed up to this so that anyone else thinking that they have fouled up because of lack of experience can see that even someone who should really know better can do it if they don’t give things enough attention. I am determined that the next project gets full attention, and I can finish something I will be proud to wear.

Stone tower

Stone tower

To finish, a nice picture of a tower of stones which were all over the water front in Playa Blanca where we were staying on Lanzarote. Anyone know why they do this?


22 Comments on “More haste, more disappointment”

  1. Gorgeous dress and Bessie looks marvellous – love the colour! No idea about the stones though….sorry 😦

  2. jay says:

    A truly luscious orange! No wonder you wanted to get it finished.

  3. love the orange scuba fabric – I have that vena cava pattern… still searching for the right fabric though! The stones are a strange touristy thing…not sure why people stack them… I came across it on holiday in Australia last year on a hike!

  4. mrsmole says:

    I feel your pain, Sister….everyone else gets our full attention and precision but us. And we think we can cram all this luscious sewing into the last minute before we throw everything into a suitcase to escape and relax…yeah right. Some days you have to ask yourself…am I sewing for the money or the fame? In my case a little of both but I certainly dream of the day when I can quit and sew for myself at a slower pace. Hope your time away was relaxing and recharging!

    • It was great – and I even managed to fit some scuba diving in too.
      I am looking forward to a relaxed, easy project to clear the shadows away.
      Take care of yourself Mrs Mole!

  5. prttynpnk says:

    Those stones are just showing off!

  6. I love the Orange colour of your fabric. Sorry you are not happy with your sewing lately. We have those stone towers on the beaches here (west coast, Canada). I always think of them as copy cats of the Inuit Inukshuk towers, which are quite remarkable, and are apparently used as markers to communicate messages. I always thought is was like leaving breadcrumbs to follow, and daring the ocean not to take them away!

  7. sewbusylizzy says:

    Disaster makes are so frustrating. Not only do they feel like a waste of money… also a waste of time.
    I’ve got the Vena pattern… am undecided if I can carry something that body conscious off – yours look great! Maybe I might stray back into my Japanese books are try something less fitted.

  8. amcclure2014 says:

    Scuba fabric feels lovely but strange; I’ve never used it. It looks good on Bessie. I reckon I need to lose quite a few pounds (okay, stones!) before I could wear it. Hopefully you’ll be able to ease back now. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I don’t know about the stones. In South Shields there are the Weebles (or wobbly men) bronze sculptures in ‘Conversation Piece’; for some reason they came to mind. Have a look though.

    • I have just checked out the Weebles and I love them! I will be visiting my mum in a few weeks and will try to visit them.
      Scuba lycra was surprisingly easy to sew, and being thicker is more forgiving than some lycras. Worth trying, just be aware of how much stretch you need.

  9. sewbussted says:

    I noticed the stone towers a number of years ago while visiting Galveston Island in Texas. I’ll try to look up the origin for you. They can be quite elaborate and some seam to defy gravity.
    As for the sewing, well, I think there are days that the sewing gods enjoy messing with us. Think of the times you’ve rushed a project and it turned out perfectly. I’ve had situations where I have taken my time and a project will just not comply. So I now blame it all on the sewing gods. It’s good to be able to put the blame off on someone other than ourselves 😉
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  10. sew2pro says:

    Wow, those stone get around. Spotted in Dorset too!

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