News from the frozen north – WARNING – Picture heavy post!

I came back from Northumberland on Thursday, but I have my dear old mother-in-law staying so not much sewing yet.

I feel almost guilty (but only almost) for showing you photographs of an exhibition at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle which I stopped at on my drive up to mums house. I had been online previously when I saw that they had another exhibition that appealed and saw that I could drive up on its last day. Boy was it worth it.

The title was ‘Bird of Paradise’ (Plumes and feathers in fashion) and it celebrated the work of the plumassier – yes, I was surprised there was an actual title for the person who works with feathers too. Anyway, I wont bore you all with how excited I was to be there – just feast your eyes on these.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought that the wonderful black dress in the last three pictures could perhaps be inspiration for some of our more adventurous bloggers. Carolyn, Ruth, and Rhonda – I am looking at you ladies!

I feel less guilty showing you these pictures as I can now give you advance warning of the exhibition I actually went to the Bowes site to get details of. From 11th July until 25th October the Bowes have ‘Yves Saint Laurent – Style is Eternal’ (Details HERE) .

The museum is a little gem I wasn’t even aware of – despite having been brought up not far away – and is well worth including on a visit to the area. The area around here is lovely too – but if you are feeling adventurous carry on up into Northumberland where you can enjoy a fabulous coastline, and possibly even a very tasty ice cream like my sister and I did in Amble. I do have to qualify this suggestion by saying that the weather we enjoyed was very unusual for the area, and time of year, but don’t let that put you off!

I ‘liberated’ a couple of the guide books (sadly, no pictures) but if anyone is interested in the details I will post them out. I have already booked my ticket for YSL. Can’t wait!


16 Comments on “News from the frozen north – WARNING – Picture heavy post!”

  1. sewbussted says:

    Fabulous pieces!!! I always enjoy seeing pics from exhibits! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to virtually take the tour. Thanks so much!!

  2. sew2pro says:

    Surely Northumberland is one of the best kept secrets of this country; it’s gem-studded yet I know so few people who have been there.

    I doubt I’ll be going anytime soon, sadly, so thanks for giving us a tour.

  3. Gillian Fitzpatrick says:

    We have planned to visit Barnard Castle for ages my Mother family came from there to Manchester in the early to mid 19th century. Thanks for the photos and information the Bowes Museum has been on my hit list since I researched the area, perhaps that visit may come when the YSL is on. Thanks again.

  4. amcclure2014 says:

    I’m sorry I missed this exhibit. I knew about the museum but somehow I’ve just never managed to get there despite living at the edge of Northumberland (Newcastle – officially in Tyne & Wear). Thank you for the virtual tour. I’ll be sure to visit the YSL exhibit.

    • I am afraid I still don’t officially recognise Tyne and Wear. I was born Northumbrian and ever will be 😉 Go from YSL. It isn’t far and I am sure it will be worth the trip.

      • amcclure2014 says:

        I’ve just found this reply 4 months later! I’ve just found the reader. I did go to YSL at Bowes. I put up a blog post about it. Thank you. Newcastle golf courses are still Northumberland., by the way.

  5. mrsmole says:

    Such beautiful work most of us will never see up close but thank you for sharing and inspiring us. The colors are just magnificent and I can only imagine the feel of those layers and layers! You are one lucky gal!

  6. Tia Dia says:

    Amazing. So amazing. I often look at photos of haute couture garments done with feathers and am in awe. Thank you so much for posting all these photos. Sooooo gorgeous.

  7. Fantastic exhibition! Have never sewn with feathers but then I suppose I have never had casue to wear them 😉

  8. […] Castle,Durham in April for their ‘Birds of Paradise’ exhibition (post and pictures here if you missed it). I only managed to catch this as I had seen mention of an upcoming Yves Saint […]

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