Vogue 2948 finished

Finished – but again I am not entirely happy with the result. I think part of the problem is that they have taken an unreasonably long time for ‘a pair of pants/trousers’. You might remember that I have been watching the Craftsy course ‘Pant fitting’ by Sandra Betzina. This Vogue pattern is in new sizing which relates better to todays figures (hence the name) but that didn’t mean that it would match everyone. That means me. Again.

The Craftsy course is pretty comprehensive, and I found it easy to follow the alterations that were demonstrated. I think that the Craftsy platform is pretty good, even if (or especially if) you are fairly new to sewing or pattern alteration as you can watch the video lessons as many times as you need to, and also ask questions which should be answered by the tutor. The whole course is worked around Vogue 2948 (included in the cost of the course) which is an ideal trouser for adjustment since it has princess seams and a yoke. The more seams available the easier a garment is to adjust.

I cut the size that appeared to fit my hips, having adjusted the pattern to be larger around my waist. All looked well, and I tried them on with the sides tacked to fit. CLOWN PANTS! I really couldn’t believe it – these were big. I checked the original pattern pieces and whilst I could find the finished waist size (3cm ease allowed) and the finished length I couldn’t find the finished hip size. Maybe I was just losing heart by then. One of the things that is stressed throughout the course is to avoid ‘over fitting’ – ie. taking out all the wearing ease to give a ‘skin fit’. We have all seen people wearing clothes like this and it is never a good look. Anyhow, I repinned and sewed the seams, fitting the zipper and just wanting to get this project to finish. (More haste…). See what you think.

Front - lightened to show better

Front – lightened to show better

Back - I didn't see those drag lines until now!

Back – I didn’t see those drag lines until now!

Lots of hip space!

Lots of hip space!

The fabric wasn’t expensive – this was intended as a wearable muslin – it is a basket weave polyester that I found in the £2 a meter pile at Barrys in Birmingham. These are good enough to wear, but not anywhere ‘special’. I am not sure what I was doing here – the pattern by size and adjustment should have been OK but it looks as if I have made them to grow into and I would rather not if you don’t mind! I hadn’t used a side zipper in pants (rarely in skirts either) and find I don’t really like it. I could try these again with the back zipper option but I don’t think I like the pattern enough to do so.

Polly-cotton (sorry!) trial available in size 16. Matching bias included.

Polly-cotton (sorry!) trial available in size 16. Matching bias included.

Since I was a bit fed up after making these I decided to have a bash at a quick project. Step up ‘ By Hand London’ Polly top. This looked perfect for my shape as I could make a top that fitted well over my bust but easily take in at the waist/hip so that it didn’t poke out in front. Again the sizes didn’t match me at all. I chose a bust, then the waist was up one size, and the hips went down two sizes from the waist. The finished measures looked better – the bust was the largest size, going down one for waist, and down again for hip. I printed, taped, traced off my size (Pffft!) and then went ahead in the scrap I had found to try out. Can I just say I am currently feeling deformed. I love the pattern, and it is clearly a very popular choice around blogland, but it isn’t for me. If anyone out there would like the taped PDF (and the white/blue poly trial in a 16) let me know and I will send it out happily.

Rather than going through lots of full bust alterations in order to make commercial patterns fit properly I have decided to get back to pattern cutting. I use this to make the patterns for my clients so it is about time I sorted my own blocks out again and got on with making my own patterns to fit my own clearly unique shape!

For anyone who doesn’t have a pattern cutting background and wants a great site to find out how to alter patterns for a full bust head over to Communing with Fabric where Shams (who has a very similar body shape to me) has already done a sterling job in explaining what is needed.

16 Comments on “Vogue 2948 finished”

  1. Chris says:

    Oh what a disappointment! It must be heart breaking to have two projects go wrong in a row. It’s just as well you have the skills to make your own patterns. Although I have to say that it reflects really badly on the pattern companies that they should not be able to make patterns fit. After all your shape is not unusual at all, I think, and I feel the pattern companies should do a lot better in catering for this.

    • It was a bit sad but I do have some sympathy for the pattern companies. Most patterns are based on a B cup bust, not my significantly larger cupsize! Time to dust off my blocks and see if they still fit .

  2. Tia Dia says:

    Ugh. I feel your pain! Every garment I make, regardless of careful measuring, requires tweaking to get it just right. Here’s to the next project being a complete success!

    • Every fabric handles differently so there is always variation. I think that is supposed to be the beauty of ‘hand made’. Sometimes it would be nice just to be able to make it and Wear it without all the fuss – but I can’t do it with RTW so I can’t expect commercial patterns to be any different 😎

  3. Thimberlina says:

    It’s the fitting to my body shape that puts me off starting a project most of the time. My waist is usually a size bigger than my bust and my hips 2 sizes smaller than my waist. I’ve had the most success from Lekaka but still battle on with all the other companies. Keeps us out of mischief tho’!

    • We sound a similar shape. It is frustrating but feels great when you get it right. I haven’t used Lekala, I will check them out. It would be quite nice to get into mischief once in a while 😇

  4. Sorry to hear of your difficulties with these two projects. I have done both and although I did like both, I found the pants fitting one to be quite a lot of work and a great challenge. I am always afraid to say I liked a pattern or course because we are all so different! You are quite talented if you can make and use pattern blocks. I am only starting with those and don’t always have success. Good luck on your next project!

  5. Oh god I understand yor frustrations but it seems from all the comments here that no one is a “standard” size – when will pattern designers cotton on to this and make more flexible patterns for us beautifully “deformed” ladies 🙂

    • Can’t see it happening to everyone’s satisfaction – we are just too variable. Take a pattern cutting course. Then when it doesn’t fit you have only yourself to blame. Ask.me how I know…..😳

  6. sewbussted says:

    Such a shame with the pants 😦 Nothing like putting a lot of effort into something and having less than happy results.

    • I think I probably took too long and lost interest. The course is to make a perfect pants pattern after all! Swift project with a good result needed to encourage the sewing mono 😃

  7. Fadanista says:

    I am now a complete convert to the pattern block – it makes such a difference!

  8. […] trousers were from my own block. After making the Vogue 2948 pattern included in the Sandra Betzina Craftsy course I decided I should really dust off the blocks and draft my own patterns again. I use the […]

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