McQueen + McQueen

I spent last weekend with my daughter who kindly allowed me to invade again. It was the last weekend of the McQueen exhibition at the V&A and I really wanted another look. Can I say now that it didn’t disappoint.

Even just after 9am the queue for day tickets was already snaking its way around the block so I was very glad of my members early entry ticket. The exhibition space was more crowded this time than on my last visit but my guess is that it was going to be much worse later! We were able to enjoy the garments all over again, check out the close detail on some of the ones I identified from the book, and retire to the members room for a tea and pastry before hitting the shoe exhibition.

Whilst the shoes are fabulous I would probably not have made a trip to see them all on their own. The abiding memory will be the torture that must have been living with ‘Lotus feet’. The shoes are small beyond belief. There is some fabulous information on the V&A website which is well worth a look.

Inspired by my last visit I revisited a download that had sat quietly on my computer for a very long time waiting for me to feel brave enough to tackle it. This was the McQueen kimono pattern download from Show Studio (still available  – McQueen Kimono pattern. ) I didn’t feel up to pasting all the sheets together for the pattern so had it printed at a local copy shop. The lady who printed it was very puzzled by it and asked what it was!

These images belong to Show


The pattern download is one size, European 40 which wouldn’t fit me but would fit my dear Jess. Regardless of whether she would like it I wanted to just try making this up so cut it in calico. It fits into about 2.5m of 150cm wide fabric which isn’t in the download info. There are about a gazillion tailors tacks to make, not all are essential but I wouldn’t like to have missed any as this pattern is not for the faint hearted.

Once I was finished marking the jacket didn’t really take too long to sew. This was a definite case of ‘stop thinking, start sewing’ as the instructions are a bit ‘sketchy’ . Anyhoo, the pictures. Sorry for the quality but they have been photographed off my Blackberry as the blessed thing just wouldn’t be recognised by the computer and I had wasted too much time already.(That will teach me to check the camera batteries before I go away!)

Jacket front - showing gap under arm

Jacket front – showing gap under arm


Jacket front


Jacket back

I was delighted to find that the jacket fitted Jess perfectly – I’m not sure how I would have altered it – and she likes it! The plan now is to make it in a good but casual fabric so that she can use it through the autumn over jeans. Naturally I won’t be leaving the tailor tacks in the final version.

I love this design and may try adjusting the pattern to fit me – but not until I have moved this version.

We will be visiting her again in a few weeks so I will show the finished version then. Off to shop the stash for 2.5m of suitable fabrics before posting samples for her to choose from.



20 Comments on “McQueen + McQueen”

  1. sewbussted says:

    I have this pattern in the cue. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s such a wonderful design.

  2. I heard something on the radio the other saying how it was the highest number of visitors ever to an exhibition at the V&A. Love the jacket – really beautiful!

    • The V&A had extended opening hours in the last weeks to cope with demand. It has certainly been very successful – and probably my favourite exhibition so far.
      Thanks for the jacket comment. I hope the ‘real’ jacket is as nice as some I have seen online.

  3. Tia Dia says:

    Oh! So glad to see your version! I have had this downloaded for ages, but since I’m not a size 40, and dread muslining and fixing I haven’t bothered with it. After seeing your post, I’m tempted to bring it out for DD1.

  4. fabrickated says:

    I have been fascinated by this pattern for a long time but haven’t found the time to give it a try, so I am thrilled you are making it up. And I loved the exhibition too, and went twice. It really was a super experience, wasn’t it? And to have your own AMcQ item – how fantastic.

    • I loved the exhibition and came away buzzing with ideas each time – I really need to work out a way of not needing to sleep. The pattern really doesn’t take as much time as you imagine. I think the tailors tacks took more time than sewing the toile. I am really happy to have tried it, what I need to do now is make it my size (sadly not a 40).

  5. sewruth says:

    I have this pattern too but it looked more like a puzzle than a pattern and have never tried it. You saying that it sewed up quickly is encouraging. Thanks

    • I eventually stopped just puzzling with the scant instructions and decided to ‘think less and just sew’. Having a picture of the back to hand as you work helps lots. Give it a go Ruth!

  6. Thimberlina says:

    Wow! This will be amazing. I’ve just read to he link and it looks like a work of art 😀

  7. That is a fantastic jacket. Beautifully designed!

  8. Claire says:

    I had the same idea after seeing the McQueen show two weeks ago. I knew I had the pattern, not I need to print and make.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I’ve made his kimono up before too; I don’t wear it frequently enough because it’s such a very interesting and fun design. I wish he’d done more patterns!

  10. […] making the calico toile that Jess tried on for fit on my last visit I intended to make her a ‘real’ version of […]

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