T-Shirt take 2

After making the grey version of the Kristina Shin t-shirt I was pretty happy with the fit but knew there were a few minor changes I wanted to make. This week I made the alterations to the pattern and made this version in a snake print viscose jersey from stash. You may recognise it from this dress (heavens, my hair has changed).

New pattern - front view dodgy selfie!

New pattern – front view dodgy selfie!

New pattern - side view

New pattern – side view

For this version I changed the neckline shape and I am much happier. I don’t feel I look very good in a close fit ‘jewel’ neckline. I also made a very small FBA , I did not stitch what could have been a dart but eased it between markers I made on the pattern. That gives a much nicer finish when you wear it – after all, with few exceptions you don’t tend to see darts in t-shirts. I did add a little width to the front but not enough to make the front stand away from my body which was one of my main complaints about RTW. This version is also about an inch longer. Not much I admit but I think it looks better, and I am less likely to expose my waist (what waist!) if I reach up.

I am now very happy with this pattern and it has been put in a packet and filed away under winner. I will no doubt use it to make more incarnations as I really wear t-shirts a lot.

In addition to this for me, and client work which is going pretty well at the moment, I decided I really needed to finish off some of the organisation that I had started. Years ago I started to copy the pages in Burda which showed the tech drawings of the patterns for that month so that I could search without having to get all the magazines out (though that can be fun!). Whilst I can rarely use a Burda pattern straight from the sheets I do occasionally use the instruction booklet to see what the shape of the pattern pieces is so that I have some help with pattern cutting from my own blocks. I don’t subscribe to Burda anymore so it was a finite task, and one that I knew wouldn’t take too long.

BUrda magazines and tech drawing folder.

BUrda magazines and tech drawing folder.

Result! All of the magazines are now collected into one box and the necessary pictures are in a folder . Picture me on the sofa with my Burda folder for inspiration, and the stash folder (which I really must get on with again, not finished yet) to check to see if I have something to make the desired garment in. Sounds pretty organised – I wonder if it will actually work.


I have another project planned now and will get back as soon as I have something to show you.


21 Comments on “T-Shirt take 2”

  1. mrsmole says:

    I want that T-shirt! Love your hair! Doesn’t it feel good to have one area of your life organized? Best of luck with your clients…only respectful ones!

  2. Looks great and you seem to have made the same adjustments that I do for t-shirts – FBA and a little longer!

  3. It’s so satisfying to have a well fitted T Shirt. I am still on a mission to find mine. Great job😃

  4. Fadanista says:

    Such impressive organisation! Love the redesigned t-shirt. I must make a few as spring approaches.

  5. fabrickated says:

    I think the easing on the T shirt has worked a treat and is now invisible – perfect! I love your tidy patterns (ooh, envy) and most of all your hair. I think grey rocks and I love variety of shades it has. So beautiful.

    • I wish I had the rest of my life as tidy as my Burda box!
      Thanks for the hair comment. It took a while to convince my hairdresser that it was time to stop dying/highlighting but I am very happy to be almost totally grey now. The back is slowly catching up with the front.

  6. sew2pro says:

    That’s a great print and a great-fitting shirt. And you own your shorter hair! It looks so fresh and modern.

  7. Your t shirt has a lovely fit, it’s so handy having a well fitting pattern. I’ve started organising my Burdastyles with a similar system… but there are more than a couple of boxes so I should probably stop buying them at this stage!

  8. I love your print fabric. And it’s a great fit. You really are talented! Your clients are very lucky!

  9. amcclure2014 says:

    Your changes work well. As does your organisation. Good luck with the stash audit. My hair is grey – my children called it ‘disco silver’ and my hairdresser liked it so I’ve never felt pressurised into dyeing it. I must admit, though, some days I look at it and feel that I might look younger with some colour. Those feelings don’t last.

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