Hey presto!

Can I just tell you how happy I am? I mean really, really happy.

I saw the pattern for Savage Cocos Presto popover top a while back on Fadanistas blog and thought it looked great, then again on Shams blog  and knew I had to buy it. I loved the simple shape, but it was different to most t-shirt style tops you see offered. Shams is a similar shape to me (but with less tummy lumps) so I knew when she made it and was happy with a fit almost straight off the basic pattern I could be in luck. This pattern turned out to be my unicorn pattern. I made the large size directly from the pattern. No changes. Not a one. What do you think?!

Presto frontage

Presto frontage


Presto reverse.


The fabric is a very fine viscose single knit jersey that I bought several weeks ago with the intention of turning it into my basic t. It is magnificently soft and was not expensive so I bought it in this cream, pale pink, and a soft peach. I knew I had previously bought t-shirts from GAP in a very similar fabric – and then remembered that they were relegated to bed wear as they felt too fine for general use. Doh!

I downloaded the PDF over the weekend and taped and traced on Monday night. I cut the fabric out yesterday after I finished client work with the intention of making it today. It took about an hour. Yes, an hour – and that included threading all three machines in the correct thread. Zippy make.


The fact that this t-shirt has a double front as part of the design meant that I had found a use for this lovely, but currently unloved fabric. I cut the back double too (though the pattern can be made up with a single back) but left the sleeves as a single layer. The collar/neckline can be left to ‘flop’ or if the fabric plays ball can be made to look like a shawl collar.

The weather here in Bewdley has turned cold and wet today so the double layer t-shirt is fabulous as it just adds a little bit of extra warmth without actually conceding that autumn may be sneaking up on us (I did see that the trees are starting to change colour on Monday). I know I have some brown merino wool jersey that I bought and decided was too fine for the project I had intended it for in the stash. I think I have just found its purpose.

I will do my best not to bore the pants off you all with this pattern but I honestly think I have struck gold. A pattern that needed no alterations. Whatever will they think of next!


19 Comments on “Hey presto!”

  1. Hila says:

    What a lovely top. The white suits you so well.

  2. mrsmole says:

    It looks way better on you than on the mannequin on the pattern website. So…you crazy lady, I went and bought my own PDF pattern and will have to try it. It was a little hard to see how well it fit Shams as she used a patterned fabric. As per usual…I’m thinking color blocking with that collar and sleeves for the rest of use who have scraps lying around. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us with that 1 hour sewing time…wow!

    • I hope you like the result as much as me. The front and collar are all in one piece so I’m not sure that the colour blocking you suggest is going to work. I already have the other two jerseys out ready to cut!

  3. sewbussted says:

    Well, I think you need to make it again!!!

  4. fabrickated says:

    Yes – it looks really fresh and nice, and I especially like the way the collar/neckline wraps around. I imagine this (and all the others) will be fantastic wardrobe staples.

  5. amcclure2014 says:

    Lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing more. I admired this top when I saw it on the blogs you mention and elsewhere but resisted buying it. I do have what I think could be the perfect fabric, bought recently as a remnant so might now just have to go and buy the pattern!

  6. Very pretty! One hour? So maybe this novice could manage in a couple of days. I can see why you would like multiples of this pattern.

  7. Coco Savage says:

    I’m so glad you like the Presto! Popover Top. Your looks terrific and very comfy in rayon/elastane (a personal favorite). White really suits you. I, too, agree a bit with Mrs. Mole – the Presto! may look a tad bland on the mannequin, but make it and wear it, and suddenly you have no idea how you’ve managed without one!
    Thank you very much for the lovely and kind review.
    Rock on,

  8. It’s really lovely – and what a gorgeous photo of you!

  9. Nicely done! I always love it when I find a TNT pattern.

  10. […] It is lovely. and I have what seems like loads of this to play with! I am sorely tempted by another Savage Coco Presto top – although I think it could probably be useful lengthened into a dress. Whatever it is to be […]

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