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Confession time. When I published my last post I was on holiday with The Management in Croatia – the promised sunshine (although not technically Winter sun so maybe I can get another break on a technicality?). Unbelievably, although I wore both the yellow skirt and trousers there isn’t a photograph at all! As I take most all of our photographs there are rarely any photographs of me on holiday. He could take someone else and no-one would be any the wiser.

Anyway, if you did check on my swimming progress last week and wondered if I was on the bottom of the pool that is the explanation. I have been to the pool since our return so I think I may be back on track – I had fallen behind target slightly by the end of week 2.

On a sewing note I have taped the Paprika Jasper hoodie pattern together and copying that , and hopefully cutting out my fabric, is a job for today along with sorting out holiday photographs (which I have started).

I leave you with a Saint. This picture of Saint Lucy was in a church in Skradin where we stopped to have lunch. Whilst I found the eyes on a dish a bit gory I was intrigued by the cotton reels and what appeared to be a ball of yarn (or a pom-pom). This is Saint Lucy who is apparently the patron saint of the blind and those with eye-trouble. I imagine the lace makers of Croatia must have had occasion to have prayed to her for assistance. There are a few dressmakers I know who would be glad of her help on occasion too.

Saint Lucy with bobbins and yarn

Saint Lucy with bobbins and yarn


16 Comments on “Catch up post”

  1. Ireally, really, really want to go to Croatia (especially after having seen Rick Stein’s food programme). My god mother was very devoted to St Lucy as her daughter had eye problems….as children we loved the gory statue with the plate holding the eyeballs 😉

    • We really enjoyed it. We had brief visits to Bosnia and Montenegro too which were worthwhile. St Lucy is a bit gruesome but you have to love the way some of the saints are shown – I am still trying to work out who the one showing the hole in his leg is!

  2. sew2pro says:

    Ashamed to say I’m not familiar with St Lucy though I come from not far from Skradun and have been to Krka many times. I hope you enjoyed yourself; I heard even September was very hotl

  3. Is there any explanation for the eyes on the dish?

    • The best I can find is this from Wikipedia.
      Absent in the early narratives and traditions, at least until the 15th century, is the story of Lucia tortured by eye-gouging. According to later accounts, before she died she foretold the punishment of Paschasius and the speedy end of the persecution, adding that Diocletian would reign no more, and Maximian would meet his end.This so angered Paschasius that he ordered the guards to remove her eyes. Another version has Lucy taking her own eyes out in order to discourage a persistent suitor who admired them. When her body was prepared for burial in the family mausoleum it was discovered that her eyes had been miraculously restored.
      It certainly didn’t seem to be lunch.

  4. mrsmole says:

    The hoodie pattern looks promising and the story of St Lucy is great. Keep up that swimming, Kim!

    • It’s cut out and ready to go – and this morning feels cold so I am sure I will appreciate it. Going swimming this morning again for a short session with my lesson after it. Thanks for your donation – they are really spurring me on!

  5. fabrickated says:

    How interesting about St Lucy. Also I laughed about you having no pictures of you. It is a bit the same with me too. Sometimes on holiday my husband and I are somewhere and a friend or waiter or stranger asks if we want our picture taken together, and Nick says “No I wouldn’t want my wife to see it”, and they sort of go away embarrassed. I get embarrassed to – that they think we are away together, having an affair. But it is quite funny.

  6. Thimberlina says:

    How fab is that site for recording your progress?! Keep it up you’re doing amazing! I’ve the jasper hoodie pattern and hopefully will make it soon but just struggling with motivation. Think tidying up my sewing stuff might help 😀

    • I love adding lengths and seeing the total grow.
      I just have the buttons to see on my Casper – post soon! (After I buy a new iron coz I killed mine off today. They don’t take well to being dropped).

  7. Linda says:

    Interesting to read about Saint Lucy! My daughter is called Lucy, but sadly doesn’t sew (yet!). Hopefully she might give it a go as she gets older, she is in her early 20s right now and enjoying cheap fashion too much! I’ll be interested to see how your hoodie turns out, I’d love to make one. I haven’t visited your blog before, I am doing a 300 blog comments in 30 days challenge and am really enjoying new blogs that I am finding. Good luck with the swim. My oldest friend’s son has a spinal injury and is paralysed so I know how debilitating it can be. X

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