Christmas preparation!

Yes, it is October and Christmas is months away. However, I was given a large bag of damsons from a friends garden and have started to make damson gin. We will be very happy Chez Hood come Christmas. If they are exceedingly lucky I might even share with friends.

Damson gin in the making.

Damson gin in the making.

I do have more plans for things to make as gifts that are a long way from started.When will you start you Christmas preparations?


17 Comments on “Christmas preparation!”

  1. Mike Eaton says:

    Standard mans preparations of course, about midday on the 25th December!

  2. sewruth says:

    So you just fill a jar with damsons and gin?
    I could do that……
    Christmas??? months away

  3. mrsmole says:

    Christmas preparations…write checks for everyone on the list, stuff them into an envelope with a Christmas card, add a stamp…Merry Christmas. Late December scene…white stuff in the sewing room, white stuff on the ground outside makes the season bright. Your damson gin would certainly liven this place up!

  4. fabrickated says:

    I love the idea of damson gin. I once drank sloe gin and it was amazing (although I hate gin-gin). For Christmas I always try to avoid it so I am absolutely a last minute person – I give the children money and try to get rid of all cards etc on Boxing day.

    • Mike says:

      Sloe gin isn’t just about Christmas, tis a lovely warming drink over the cold months as well. So easy to make as well, put 500gms of soles (picked for free from the hedgerows (tis the fruit of the blackthorn) to a glass demi john, add 500gms. granulated sugar, top up with 1ltr. Gin, shake frequently until sugar has disappeared. Put jar in dark place for three months then drain the liquid off into flip top bottles. Serve as required, as I said nice and warming, you don’t need much!

    • Sadly it is ridiculously easy to drink so it is too easy to over indulge and regret it later. I haven’t been able to locate enough sloes to try making gin with them – a long forest walk required I think.
      I have to have gifts to Northumberland fairly early so tend to be fairly well prepared. And my Christmas tree is magnificent if I may say so, I hate having to take it down again 😞

      • Mike Eaton says:

        I agree it is very easy to over indulge in – I find one glass is adequate, more is asking for trouble! As to actually getting enough sloes, once you find a good sloe bearing blackthorn that should be adequate for you – just don’t tell anybody else is all! I have a couple of good locations which tend to be slap in the middle of blackberry bushes – one box of blackberries to show off (inside the bag is a couple of boxes of sloes – the real reason for the visit). there’s a time to be underhand and sly!!

  5. Gorgeous and I agree, frequent tasting is absolutey essential!

  6. Lynn says:

    I actually started making Christmas presents today. I feel that I have to start by October at the latest to make things.

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