Another Jasper…and other stuff

In my last post a referred to something else I had made – another Paprika Jasper sweater. This one is without the hood as I had a very limited amount of fabric. I really love this pattern and can see lots more made this winter.

My new favourite sweater

My new favourite sweater

So, the details. The fabric is a piece of (probably) polyester ‘stuff” which has been in the stash long enough to have celebrated multiple birthdays. It’s more likely to have been there for decades. I seem to remember buying it from a market stall in Kidderminster which hasn’t traded in a Loooooong time. I had seen a number of cabled sweaters in the fashion magazines, Pinterest etc. and this fabric came to mind. I had just 1.5m of 150cm wide so I knew I was going to have to get creative with the cutting to fit it all in. Delightfully, it fitted with whispers to spare. I always like to have minimal amounts of scrap after cutting out.

Tiny pile of scrap

Tiny pile of scrap

Unexpected bonus!

Unexpected bonus!


I have already worn this lots, and I can confirm that it washes well! It was brilliant to discover I had a ready made ‘spectacle hanging loop’ as I frequently put my specs down and can’t find them again. Must be age.



Looking good at half way.

Looking good at half way.

My daughter was home this weekend and admired the hoodie while I was wearing it so that is a

Jess on the finish line

Jess on the finish line

big seal of approval. She had run the Snowdonia Marathon on Saturday and managed to beat her London Marathon time on a course with mountains!


Which leads me on to the next make. How many of you have used the wonderful Funki Fabrics printed lycra? Yeah, it’s great isn’t it. But how many of you have spotted the winter lycra? Can I send you to the site right now because it’s great – no wait until you  have seen Jess’s leggings.

The lycra has a kind of fleecy back which feels gorgeous. I think it might be just a fraction less stretchy in the width than the standard lycra but has plenty of stretch in the length. I made Jess the normal Shin leggings pattern without any changes and she declared them a success after wearing them on Sunday morning (actually all of Sunday which is probably a good sign). They haven’t been washed yet but I am sure that with the pedigree Funki Fabrics Have it will be fine.


Winter leggings

Winter leggings

I have bought more fabric in black for me so I hope to make some warm leggings for myself really soon. They will not only be worth having for running (stretching the definition the way I ‘run’) but also for marshaling at Parkrun, and to wear as an extra insulating layer under my diving dry suit. These are going to be so useful I should really get on ASAP.

I must make a comment about my coverstitching. As you may know I bought the Janome coverstitcher which I have been very happy with. However, on this garment I started to have problems with the thread getting stuck and breaking – lots of unpicking and bad language. I was confident the cops were Moon (which is a Coats thread and usually pretty reliable) and they had behave beautifully on the overlocker. However, I decided to change all the threads to Gutterman reels and try again. Perfection. I can only assume these reels were an inferior brand and the Janome didn’t like them. So, anyone having problems with a coverstitcher – before you start fiddling with all the dials try changing your thread. I will not be saving any pennies with ‘cheap’ thread in the future as it costs too much in time if I make a mistake.


Swimming update

You might have noticed from my ticker in the side bar but I have now swum half the distance needed to complete my swimming challenge. I was thrilled to be able to get this far in the official half way point as I had been on holiday for one week, then ill another. I am now pretty confident of finishing the English Channel distance (22 miles) by the required 7th December deadline.

14 Comments on “Another Jasper…and other stuff”

  1. sewbussted says:

    You are inspiring me to get a few new athletic pieces made. Something that’s a little lacking in my wardrobe.
    Way to go on the swimming!!! So happy for you 🙂

  2. Tia Dia says:

    I l.o.v.e. that sweater. Gorgeous!

  3. Fadanista says:

    I am an enormous fan of the Jasper hoodie and yours looks excellent. I might need another methinks (as summer looms!). I have never tried the Funki fabrics but am intrigued. I need exercise pants so need to have another look. Your post was packed with successes, well done!

    • I’m in danger of having a complete wardrobe of Jaspers – they are just so easy to wear. I’m not sure what the postage costs would be to Australia but the Funkifabrics lycra is the best I have found. A bit more expensive but well worth it for the amazing prints.

  4. I used to say I have to exclude knitted sweaters from my RTW fast because I can’t knit, so I have to buy. BUT you have the perfect fabric here! No more excuses. I will have to sew myself up a “knitted” sweater! Beautiful!

  5. Congrats on the swimming – you’re doing so well! Love the hoodie, especially the specs holder. I need one of those too 🙂

    • Thanks for your support – I am determined to finish in the allotted time. I spent yesterday baking fundraising muffins for The Management to take to work.
      The specs holder on the sweater is a huge unexpected bonus! I love the pattern but I really must move on now. Maybe.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I love your sweater too! very chic in the ivory fabric. Actually I adore white/ivory in winter time. I think it looks so elegant 🙂

    • Thanks Carolyn. I love brighter colours in winter. It can get so gloomy with lots of people in dull, dark colours so I try to avoid them. I’m not sure I would ever claim to be elegant but it is nice to try 😃

  7. Fabrickated says:

    This is a really nice, and thoughtfully designed sweater. I am always putting my glasses in the necks of my tops as I need to take them off for close work, so I find this a lovely idea. Also very impressed by Jess and your commitment to getting fit and looking good while you are doing it. An interesting and impressive set of garments

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