Work in progress

The tree has been decorated, the presents wrapped (and delivered or posted as appropriate), and I have only the food shopping to be done before Christmas can commence. Even more importantly today is my cut off day for any client sewing that is needed before Christmas, and I have finished everything to be collected – and so far the phone hasn’t rung (it is so tempting to let any calls now go to answerphone!)

Lemongrass sweater so far.

Lemongrass sweater so far.

Anyway, the work. The Lemongrass jumper is coming on very well. It is perfect conditions to sit in the evening and knit in front of the TV. I wasn’t certain that this pattern would be a good ‘telly’ pattern but once you settle into the front cable pattern it is very friendly. I am almost finished the bands, which leaves only the sleeves and collar to go. Shouldn’t take too long. However, I am a little concerned that I am going to look a bit like this…

What do you think?

Brown 'jeans' ready to cut out.

Brown ‘jeans’ ready to cut out.

Contrast cotton - for now.

Contrast cotton – for now.

Along with the knitting I have finally got the trouser pattern pinned to my (very elderly) Spanish cloth. It has an amazing amount of stretch for fabric of that vintage which probably explains why I bought it. I have no idea what the exchange rate was but I’m quite sure it was well worth the pesetas paid. I have been searching such scrap as I have available (a recent collection by my friendly art teacher has diminished the supply) and I think I may go with this floral sateen for pocket bags etc. Unless I find something better. Can you tell I’m not sold on it? My plan is to cut this out later and start sewing tomorrow.

I also had a lovely surprise recently. Linda of ‘Nice dress!Thanks, I made it!!’ had a Give away post a while back and I was the lucky person drawn out. The parcel arrived safely so I am now excited to try out my Wonder tape and Chaco liner pen. Don’t you love new sewing toys?

New toys!

New toys!

Thanks Linda!

I hope everyone out there in blogland is able to be doing what they really want right now. I will get back once the trousers and/or jumper are finished.


27 Comments on “Work in progress”

  1. New sewing toys? Hell yeah- I just got me a desktop needle threader, then spent the last part of my maths tuition session on SUnday showing my tutee how it works, and we played merrily for a bit. It’s brilliant for my doddery old can’t-see-to-thread anything eyes…

  2. sew2pro says:

    There’s still a week and more to go, so you’re doing very well to be so ahead of the game. Enjoy your projects: the jumper looks very lovely and we’re bound to have a cold spell to startle us out of the old year.

  3. Ooh you’re organised! Actually, I’m nearly there myself. Tree goes up on Friday when some pals come round to drink wine and help šŸ˜‰ Hope it’s as restful as possible (considering all the running around and work most of us end up doing)!

    • Jess will be home so there will be actual running. (Christmas day Parkrun! Can you believe it). We will mainly be concentrating on eating (and drinking) our own bodyweight in unsuitable food. Chocolate is considered a nutritious food for the day.
      Have fun putting up your tree. Am I odd for wanting to do ours again just for fun?

  4. Oh you are welcome! They are my two favourite toys. The colour of your jumper is fabulous! I’m looking forward to seeing it on you some day, same with your jeans. I hope you have a lovely holiday – a good rest and lots of laughs with family and friends!

  5. fabrickated says:

    I am impressed. You are ready for Christmas. And you can knit. Cables. With the telly on. It is glorious in orange and I too look forward to seeing you in it. I think it would look fab with brown jeans, and boxy tops look good with a slim fitted bottom half I think. And well done on winning lovely Linda’s prize. An early Christmas present.

  6. sewruth says:

    I guess you have to do something else now instead of swimming so it may as well be knitting and at last, it’s something for YOU!.

  7. What a beautiful sweater! It will be perfect with those brown jeans – hoping you’ll share a photo with us?.

  8. You’re right about Lemongrass being a very tv friendly knit. The front cable is a joy. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous as my tension is ever so slightly off so I’m looking forward to getting to the armhole to try it on for fit. Fingers crossed. I agree that it’s never going to be the most slimming of garments but when a cold snap finally does hit then I suspect we’ll be very glad of it cosiness.

  9. Fadanista says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing this jumper, and I am off to investigate the pattern!

  10. Carolyn says:

    I love the look of your new jumper!

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