New Year Sloth

Am I the only one who seems to have forgotten how to sew over the Christmas break? I have been ready to get going again, really wanted to sew. Boy have I been making some truly basic mistakes. Anyway, as a result of that I have been taking the trousers really slow (when I haven’t been taking them apart!). They are coming on now that most of the fiddly bits are done so I have great hopes that they will be finished without any more unpicking – and fairly soon!

The Management is properly back at work now, and most of the jobs strictly relating to the holidays are out of the way. I have even spent some time just generally tidying my workroom and stash. I hadn’t quite got down to sharpening pencils but that probably wasn’t too far away when I decided I really just had to get on.

During the work avoidance (and stash shuffling!)I did some planning. Here are another couple of fabrics that I found and really think should be used soon, they also co-ordinate with the brown of the trousers so all I have to do now is decide what they should become. Easy eh?

Pre washed fabric - what could it be for?

Pre washed fabric – what could it be for?

The pumpkin coloured fabric on the left is a felted, knubbly, wool jersey. It might have been a boucle once upon a time and is supposed to be dry clean only. Yeh right. I was pretty sure it would shrink a bit when washed but it should be OK from here on. I think I want to make a long waistcoat/vest out of this. I have seen a few in magazines and whilst I have a couple of ideas I think I need to get the pencils out and start sketching.

The brown on the right is a merino wool jersey. It is lovely. and I have what seems like loads of this to play with! I am sorely tempted by another Savage Coco Presto top – although I think it could probably be useful lengthened into a dress. Whatever it is to be made into I think it should be soon – it is getting cold here. Not Alaska cold I’ll admit – but cold enough to want a nice Merino ….. (fill in the gap).

Since these have both been washed they are ready to be worked. Any suggestions will be gratefully received (although I can’t promise I will follow!)

I truly hope your plans are coming to fruition faster than mine!







17 Comments on “New Year Sloth”

  1. A nice Merino long swishy cardie?! Love the two colours!

  2. I love merino jersey- sadly I rarely get my grubby mitts on it. I think from the last lot I had, I made a very nice dress from a Vogue pattern, and a top each for me and the missus. She managed to throw hers in the machine on too long a wash cycle, and killed it. Mine lives! Where did you get yours?

    • Mine has survived the wash – and I will try to ensure it continues to do so! Good to hear that your merino survived.
      I bought this piece from an Etsy store about five years ago. Matured nicely, time it was made up.

  3. Those are lovely together! I’m betting you’ll have these completed and ready to share before you know it.

  4. amcclure2014 says:

    The merino sounds gorgeous. A longer length long sleeved cardigan/wrap? Good luck With whatever you decide. Banish the sloth! (and hopefully mine will be banished too)

  5. Thimberlina says:

    I bet the brown would make a lovely Oslo cardigan. I love tooting in my stash and finding ‘new’ fabrics! 😀

    • Good call. I have just checked the Oslo – very nice.
      I agree that a bit of stash diving is a great way to spend time. I hope to reduce the stash this year. Sounds easy but I keep buying more😕

  6. fabrickated says:

    I do love the two colours together but I am out of creative juices at the moment. In fact I am not that good with jersey in general – but maybe a long sleeved top with a cardigan jacket. Or possibly a set of layered items dress, sleeveless top to go over and a cardigan, but you need a joining colour/fabric – maybe another corally type shade?

  7. sewruth says:

    Wholly recommend StyleArc’s Mason coat – long cardigan, easy to sew and easy to wear. I’m sure you’ll come up with something as it would be difficult NOT to use the Merino.

  8. […] have been thinking about what I wanted to  make with both the orange felted wool and brown merino jersey for long enough now. I have probably overthought the whole enterprise, […]

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