Join me in the happy dance!



Front view


Back view

At long last I have finished the blessed brown trousers. Actually I finished these last Thursday but have been waiting for a good photograph to blog with. As usual at this time of year the light has been awful, and when we have been outside (more later) it hasn’t been very much better so I have stuck with the selfie. It has taken so long to finish these you would be very welcome to join me in the happy dance!

Anyhoo, the trousers! This was my Jeanius pattern (cut from instructions given in the Kenneth D King Craftsy course which seems to be at sale price right now!) and cut in fabric brought back from Spain. The fabric was probably suited to a ‘tailored’ style but I tend to wear jeans and t’s most of the time – so jeans it is.

I knew that the pattern fitted reasonably well so I just made them up as cut. I had forgotten that I added 5mm to the side seams last time (Doh!) and whilst these are a snug fit over the butt and thigh I am not concerned because of the amount of stretch in the fabric. I could probably wear these to the gym and be able to cope – although I have no intention of doing so!

I have worn these a lot since I finished them and can say they can bear up to a full days wear looking good, and barely crease even after a couple of hours in the car. I think we have a winner. It would have been nice to have this fabric in another colour but since I don’t remember exactly where in Spain I bought this, and it was forever ago, I am unlikely to manage that. It would be nice to imagine I would be able to find some in the UK but I can’t recall seeing anything similar over the years. I will just have to enjoy what I have.

I had hoped to get a decent photograph last weekend as The Management and I spent the weekend in Bournemouth. Despite the weather being fine I failed completely to get a photograph of me outside at all. No particular reason for a weekend away, but I really enjoyed the break. I find January and the early part of the year quite difficult – probably related to the lack of daylight (S.A.D would be an extreme version of what I feel) so it is nice to break up the expected with little breaks.

Hippies sign

Hippies sign

On the journey down I spotted this sign in a house window. We were stopped at a red light when I noticed it – considering I had to dredge in my handbag, find the camera, turn it on, point and shoot I think this turned out better than the photographs I really try with! Maybe I can learn from that. You might have to click and enlarge this to read the detail but I found it really funny.


Two at once socks

Two at once socks

I have also finished my ‘two at once’ socks. These were knitted from my favourite sock pattern from Ravelry but without the lace pattern, and two at once ofcourse.It was easier to manage the further you got into knitting these, and it was brilliant to be able to cast of and only have to darn in the ends before putting on a new pair of socks. No chance of ‘single sockitis! Again these have been worn and I can confirm that they are warm and comfortable. I used to be a little concerned about the difference in ‘nubblyness’ on the soles of hand knitted socks by comparison with the commercially produced socks but I don’t notice the difference now (apart from my feet being warmer in the wool socks).


Fabulous bundt cake

I bought a new bundt cake tin after being bought the new  Simply Nigella  cook book for Christmas and seeing her cakes. Isn’t the shape just fabulous? In checking Amazon for the link this book is also available at a deep discount – the hardback is cheaper than the Kindle copy – and I can confess to spending way too long just drooling over the wonderful looking food.

I can’t believe just how easy it was to make a cake that looks so impressive! I made this particular recipe (rather than one of Nigellas which I will make in the near future) as Jess was trying a Vegan January and I am always up for a cooking challenge.This was a vegan chocolate mud cake I made. I wish I could share it with you – it tasted infinitely better than the title makes it sound. We had a slice each exactly as it was, but the next time we had it with chopped strawberries and some coconut soya yoghurt as a pudding. Delicious!

I have sewn something else which I will show as soon as I photograph that (I couldn’t do it at the same as the trousers as I was going out – I did put shoes on. Honest).








21 Comments on “Join me in the happy dance!”

  1. Fadanista says:

    Yay you finished the brown trousers and they are fabulous. As is that cake! Love the sign – made me laugh too.

  2. sew2pro says:

    Well I don’t think the trousers need to be any different; the fit is perfect. You look great; so take a bow too after the dance. I find jeans do give a little with time, which is why when I find a pair that I love, I always change out of it soon as I get home so as not to ‘waste’ them.

    I think a lot of us are affected by SAD in the UK. One thing my family is trying out is Vit D supplements as apparently even someone who’s active outdoors doesn’t get enough in the weak winter light and a lack of Vit D can cause SAD.

    The hippies sign is great; I’m gonna mass-produce it and sell it in my Etsy shop….. Just kidding! But talking of Etsy (me) and bad lighting (you), I’ve just signed up for ‘Etsy 2016 Resolution’ with view to starting a (successful) Etsy store, though don’t bet on anything as it’s hard for me to focus on a single project. But the first ‘lesson’ that was mailed to us is about the importance of taking good photographs. I’ll give it some thought and report back on useful findings!

    • Thanks for the comment! I thought the trousers/jeans would ‘relax’ over the day and was a little surprised at how little they did. Maybe after a few washes things may be different.
      I heard about Vit D too. I need to check that out. My mum has a SAD lamp that my sister swears makes a difference.
      Sell the sign if you want! My percentage is …..

  3. sew2pro says:

    And one more thing! Thanks so much for the recipe…. My son has multiple food allergies which mean that milk, egg, wheat and nuts (amongst other things) are out so I constantly look for tasty alternative cake recipes like yours. He’s growing fast, rather skinny and getting jaded by the same restricted ingredients.

  4. sewbussted says:

    This is a very happy post, a great pain of new jeans/pants, a new pair of socks, a little get away and then topped off with cake!!!! I’m
    Going to give the cake recipe a try. BTW, a few years ago, I too bought a special bundt pan. Your guests think you are an incredible cook when they see the cake. Let them think as they wish, we know it’s the pan ;), well at least in my case anyway!

  5. Cor what a postful of goodness! Great trousers, and now I obviously need a wotsit tin as well…

    • I’m very happy to have something to show at last! And the wotsit tin is fabulous – creating understandable gasps of amazement. I’m not telling how simple it is. I’m enjoying the praise 😉

  6. jay says:

    Great pair of jeans! The hippies notice made me laugh, how tempting to rake out some seventies kaftans and sandals to test it out. Cake impressive too – I’m edging towards veganism, choc mud cake may get on my list.

    • Thanks Jay! There was a parsnip cake that was strangely appealing too. I never tell what is in my makes until the family have ‘declared’. If they knew they probably wouldn’t try it 😕

  7. Lovely post! The jeans are great, you’ll get a lot of wear from them no doubt. My bundt pan is so pedestrian – must get one of these! And I’m with you….don’t divulge ingredients until afterward. Definitely going to try that mud cake. (Love those mice on the hearth!)

    • Thank you! I’m actually finding it quite difficult not to just head for these jeans daily as they are so comfortable.
      The mice are great aren’t they! I saw them in a shop in Wales and just had to bring them home. I have lots of mice here – even a few uninvited real mice now we are without a cat 😟

  8. sewruth says:

    I’m joining in the dance….super job.

  9. Oh your trousers are perfect! I think you got the fit right on. The hippie sign is very cute. Wish I had cake now!

  10. amcclure2014 says:

    I’m joining in the happy (typed as hippy first -appropriate! ) dance. Well done. I hope to join you later in the year with a successful trouser make. Haven’t heard of this type of cake tin; your cake looks great.

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