New Patrones – Issue 357

My dear friends G and H brought me another issue of Patrones back from Spain, and I think this one is particularly nice.

Patrones 357 20013

I was immediately taken with the jacket on the cover. I can’t decide whether it is the style or the colour I like best.

This picture is small, but here are the designs in this issue.

Patrones 357 20019

Patrones 357 20015

This is a better picture of the jacket. It looks like something that could be styled for so many occasions that I am really tempted to add this to my already massive wish list. It seems to be mid way between a ‘jeans style’ jacket and something smarter. As someone who rarely has reason to wear the tailored jackets I so like this might be a good compromise. The shell top underneath with a longer back is also very appealing.

Patrones 357 20016


The top shown right is pretty too – although at my age it would need to be longer to cover my tum. The trousers are a very simple design – such a simple design that I stopped making these many years ago after I got my C&G qualification. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the style. The magazine has them shown at mid calf – I’m not sure about that length but an easy fit, elasticated waist trouser would be a good travel option as long as they didn’t start to look like the sort of ‘pair of comfy pants’ so beloved of elderly ladies.

Patrones 357 20017

I also love these very wide trousers, and I think they look wonderful made in very soft fabric for summer. This particular design is extremely wide. And long. I understand the ‘look’ but I must be getting old – my first thought was for the safety of the person wearing them. Maybe it’s just me that can fall over ‘flat Henrys’ but I would be guaranteed a fall by the end of the day in that length trouser.

Again I can’t remember the last time I wore this style but I am very tempted. I have recently altered a pair I liked for a client and took the opportunity to make a pattern from my block whilst the idea was fresh in my head. Maybe those first.

Patrones 357 20018

I really liked the blue top on the left. It starts off as an ordinary shirt down to waist level but then gets an asymmetrical  peplum for interest. Classic but with a little twist. I’m not sure its for me as I have a UFO I rediscovered recently with similar detail. I love the design but I’m not sure it likes me. I really need to bring this UFO out of hiding and decide what I am going to do with it – I really hate unfinished stuff.

The shirt on the right is an absolute classic shape with nothing different except for the buttons being hidden under a front placket. Nice.

Patrones 357 20014

This coat was pretty special too. The design is credited to Alberta Ferretti and though simple I just love it. Maybe it’s just the fabric?  I really liked the styling around the neckline which could be made in any sort of wonderful trim you wanted. I have been reading blogs by both Kate and the Demented Fairy recently and wondering why we don’t make more use of trim. Maybe it’s time to break out not just in style but also the bling.Patrones 357 20020


The jacket to the right was just fabulous in my opinion. If I were even to consider making it for myself I would want to make the bolero section separately so that in effect I would have three jackets. The style is very ‘Chanel’ and I know I have a selection of Linton tweeds in my stash that almost qualify for a pension. Definitely time to make some of them up. I think I have been avoiding them as they seem to have attained ‘ too good to use’ status. (No I’m not gloating, honest).Patrones 357 20029

I thought you might benefit from seeing the tech illustration for this jacket. I’m warming to this design as part of my wardrobe but struggling to see myself wearing it if I am entirely honest. Despite that it goes on the growing wish list.

These are just a few of the really lovely deigns in this issue. I only wish I had more time to sew, and more occasions to wear fabulous clothing. Anyone else really have problems with sewing for the life they want rather than the life they have?


20 Comments on “New Patrones – Issue 357”

  1. jay says:

    My favourites are the very wide trousers and the jacket with bolero piece. I have a possible pattern for the trousers.The jacket would be lovely in one of your tweeds. I’ve just finished cutting a pattern for a plain shirt with fly front fastening, or that would be my third choice.

  2. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Lovely choices, but I agree about the trouser length & width. Had a somewhat similar pair once, that were shorter and about half as full. Had all sorts of problems with them! Do like the concept of a casual jacket ~ good luck with that stash diving!

  3. sew2pro says:

    This post is top and tailed by great jackets! The first (dusky pink? is that what you call it?) really is stunning and like you say, practical for those of us with fewer occasions to dress up. Besides, this is a cold country and we need to wear something with the lovely summer dresses that we make.

    The trousers would look admirable on some figures but I’ve only just read Stephanie’s post (My Vintage Inspiration) about a near-accident caused by such wide hems and they confirm my suspicion that I personally could never make them work for me.

    I would love to see your execution of the bolero jacket. It needn’t be tweed though (too Sherlock Holmes maybe?). It’s certainly something other than the usual: thanks for sharing.

  4. merlatma says:

    ohhh..I love the huge flappy pants..perfect for a pear shaped woman..i’m totally making them..:) thx for the inspiration..

  5. Fadanista says:

    Oh my, there are some gorgeous clothes in this little lot. I wouldn’t know where to start, but you need to crack on because I want to see them made up!

  6. Fabrickated says:

    I like these Spanish magazines, giving so much choice for so little cost. I too was attracted to the pink jacket, but in my case it is definitely the colour. The whole pastel set is wonderful actually and just what we need for the life we want rather than have. I don’t find pastel outwear at all practical for my life. Same with the wide pants – I bought a pair which I love the look of. But when I wear them a) they are cold (so I wore uniqlo long johns under) and they are a little bit long with flat shoes so I find myself picking them up when walking which is stupid, and c) they seem to get covered in stuff the children drop on them. I still like them but they will be evening wear for me.

    Anyway I am with you on the idea of being practical, but also wanting something nice, stylish and different – the ever real challenge for us home sewing enthusiasts.

    • Sometimes I just pick elements from a design they show – they do seem to be less concerned about challenging a home sewer. I agree they are good value, and I have loads of pattern magazines I wouldn’t want to discard.
      I love the idea of you wearing long johns under your wide trousers. I hadn’t considered the ‘draught’ factor!

  7. I’m thinking of making a pair of wide legged trousers after I’ve finished the capri pants I’m just starting. Like you, though, I feel it’s an accident waiting to happen!

  8. ooooh look at the pretties! I love that bolero-layer jacket, but don’t think it would flatter by chunky top heavy shape…pity! I’ll look forward to seeing what you decide to make.

  9. That is quite the complicated jacket with all those pieces. I would be afraid how it would end up looking on me. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stepping on my trousers. I have enough problem walking in heels! Lovely choices though!

    • I almost always wear flats because I am so clumsy.

      • I know the feeling. I’m the same, except I found a brand of shoe that looks like a 1950’s style. The heel is thick and chunky and only about 1 1/2 inches high so there is no way I can fall off them. Yet it still looks like I’m wearing something fancy. You should have seen the heels and platforms they were wearing at the fashion show. It actually made some of the models walk funny and one poor girl almost walked out of her shoe. Torture – not for me!

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