Marathon Weekend Visit and more

I haven’t been able to post recently – partly because I had nothing really to say, but also because I am still buried in client work.

I did have a trip to Birmingham to buy supplies needed for said client work a couple of weeks ago and despite good intentions of buying NOTHING that would end up in the stash – even if only for a short time – I really couldn’t walk away from this….

Liberty at Birmingham markets!

Liberty at Birmingham markets!


I could barely believe it when I spotted a pile of fabric bolts that couldn’t be anything but Liberty (the name had been scratched off the end of the bolt) at £8 a metre. I’m not a big fan of fussy Liberty print but I really liked this one which looks a little like a sea shell – and as a bonus goes brilliantly with the orange twill which may become the Stacie jacket. I came away with the end  of the bolt which was just under 2m for £12. Score.


Birmingham Library books

Birmingham Library books

In addition I made a detour to the Birmingham City Library, which I had visited on the way to the theater a while ago, with all the necessary information needed to obtain membership. I was amazed on my last visit to see just what a large fashion/tailoring/dressmaking section they had. In the local library it is lucky to cover a shelf – in Birmingham it was two bookcases. Oh, happy Hoody. It was quite difficult to make the choice, but I knew I had to carry whatever  was chosen back to the car park which was quite a way away. I eventually limited myself to the three on the right which I will review in good time.


Despite still having lots which really needed to be done I escaped over the last weekend on a planned visit to my daughter in West London. The plan was a visit to the V&A and whatever else I could fit in. I did get to the V&A on Friday and managed to get round both Underwear, and Botticelli in the time available. Kate, at Fabrickated , has reviewed both of these exhibitions very well so I wont go over old ground. I confess that I wasn’t as impressed with either as I have been by other similar sized exhibitions at the V&A. Had I traveled only for this visit I may have been disappointed.

On Saturday we decided to visit the Tower of London and Kensington Palace. The Tower is always good fun, and this time we went into the torture exhibits (yes, we really are little boys in real life), and the White Tower, but had to miss the crown jewels as there was a large queue and we wanted to eat!

Jess at the Tower

Jess at the Tower

My main reason for wanting to visit Kensington again was that the Royal Rules exhibition had been renewed – so lots of new Royal dresses to be seen. Jess is very tolerant and came willingly (although as you can see she was probably happier at the Tower!) The dresses were fabulous, as one would expect of our Royals, and even though you may not actually ‘like’ them all it is almost impossible not to be impressed by the thought and work that has gone into them all. I think that over all I preferred this exhibition to either of the others this time. I have just made a slideshow rather than trying to put the pictures in individually so I hope you like it.

I was absolutely exhausted after we got home and needed a little doze before going out to eat which my darling daughter documented on Twitter. Doh!

The following day was spent at the London Marathon before driving home (which I documented on The Old Bat  so I wont say more here) and getting stuck into the client pile again. Hopefully it will start to show signs of shrinkage soon!


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16 Comments on “Marathon Weekend Visit and more”

  1. sewbussted says:

    I saw a collection of Diana’s clothes a number of years ago. You are right, it’s a delight to see what goes into making them.
    What a weekend you had. I think you are going to become a loyal patron of your new library find 😉

  2. Hectic times! I bought a suitcase full of cotton fabrics a few years ago from a junk store and there was a beautiful (not too fussy) Liberty print in there which I made a circle skirt from. Don’t let all the work get on top of you.

  3. Fadanista says:

    I’ve seen that she’ll Liberty pop up a couple of times on blogs and it’s gorgeous! Live your Kensington Palace shots. I went there years ago and looked at it all and am determined to get there again. We did the Tower in January and did get to the Crown Jewels as we were first there. Amazing and sort of dismaying when you think of how some of them were acquired. Ah well!

    • We had seen the jewels before so didn’t mind missing them in favour of lunch. I think my favourite item was Queen Victoria’s tiny pearl crown. But as you say the acquisition of some pieces is a little shameful.

  4. Lucky you, getting such a lovely fabric at such a great price!

  5. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Speaking of Lady Luck, you made a grand find with this fabric – what a price!!!

  6. tialys says:

    Lucky Liberty find. I love the feel and look of Liberty fabric but I know just what you mean by ‘too Liberty’ as I probably wouldn’t use some of the ‘ditsier’ prints for clothes other than for babies or little girls and perhaps bias bindings and facings for a little feminine touch on plainer fabrics – a la Boden. However, I definitely use it in quilts and other crafts.
    That Royal expo at Kensington looks a treat – I love the designer sketches almost more than the clothes themselves.

  7. sewruth says:

    You do know that you are hero and mentor and loads of other things that don’t have a name because you are a real person with a real life! Don’t you?

  8. Ann Webber says:

    I feel the same about the little tiny liberty patterns – they’re for five year olds – but the shell fabric is very classy. You’ve made me want to visit the Royal Rules exhibition. Several years ago at Buckingham Palace I saw the outfits the queen wrote on various Commonwealth tours. Like you say, you don’t have to love them but they are thoughtful and admirable. There was a deep yellow ball gown she wore in Australia, embossed in the same colour with hand embroidered wattle flowers. Touching. Magnificent. Ax

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