Making Stacie a bit of a saga – Part 1

I have been trying to get on with my jacket but have been occupied fully in other directions. Anyway, I had printed out the Style Arc Stacie pattern and trimmed the pages ready to stick together so while I had my dear old mother-in-law to stay I thought I would get the sellotape busy. I made a lovely job of sticking all those sheets together. Brilliant I was. Then I realised it was in a size 16 and I should have printed the 14. Doh!

So back to the printer. Print, trim, and stick before tracing off the pattern. I thought I wanted to change the length and make one or two other little tweaks before hitting the fabric but I decided to make the first version up exactly as intended by Style Arc.

All going well again so I got the fabric out. It was the remains of the orange denim I made the Islander Patterns Jacket Express so I knew it had been pre washed and only needed to be ironed. I think it must have shrunk in the stash – there was a maximum length of 150cm – but it had chunks cut out at both ends so it wasn’t anywhere near as much as I remembered and I had severe doubts I would ever fit the whole pattern on.

Readers I think my luck may have changed. I got the pattern on with just shreds to spare. It was just as well that I didn’t decide to change the pattern at all as I’m not convinced that I could have fitted the adapted pattern into what I had. Check this out….

Not much here for the scrap bag

Not much here for the scrap bag

At last the jacket is cut out and the markings clipped – all done very carefully as I can’t afford any slip ups here. I’m told that Style Arc instructions can be a bit scant but since I draw my own patterns I’m used to working without instructions. Even so I will be going steady as we can’t be at home to Mr Mistake. No sir.

Stacie finally cut out

Stacie finally cut out

The client work is back under control so I might even be able to get back to the 30 minutes for me at the end of each day regime. Seems like the only way I actually get anything done for me when I’m busy.

I hope all your lives are under better control than mine!

24 Comments on “Making Stacie a bit of a saga – Part 1”

  1. Roxane says:

    I think it’s absolutely amazing that you managed to get a whole jacket out of leftovers. I suppose that is one of the advantages of all those long, thin pieces in a jeans jacket.

  2. fabrickated says:

    I feel your relief. My life is the opposite of under control. On top of job and life challenges I stupidly made up a tent dress! What was I thinking? At least you have chosen a pattern you know will work. So good luck with those me-time half hours Kim.

    • Nothing can go wrong with a jeans jacket. Can it? Life is getting better – I think – so I should be able to sneak some sewing for myself into the schedule. Hopefully it will all be good. Sorry to hear about your tent dress!

  3. Oooh I do like me a StyleArc. Now where’s MY Stacie? It was here a minute ago…yup, definitely need another one. Thanks for reminding me…your orange will look amazing!

  4. tialys says:

    That pattern looks great – I’m dying to see it made up in the orange. Unlike you, I need to be led gently through pattern instructions, so have avoided the renowned minimalism of StyleArc.

    • Kim Hood says:

      It seems to have ‘sharper’ styling than my last pattern so I think it should be more to my taste. The instructions don’t look too bad but I will do a review later.

  5. Well done on the cutting….and I love that colour?

  6. sewruth says:

    Oh bonus – squeezing patterns onto fabric! Although I reckon you could get a few pocket linings out of that rectangular piece so don’t throw it out. Enjoy your ‘me time’ sewing.

  7. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Well done for getting everything cut out & for loving orange (I do, too)! Best wishes with the sewing –

  8. Wow that was close! Lucky you. I love the orange of your fabric. Just my style, I’m looking forward to seeing it sewn up!

  9. mrsmole says:

    In your first photo I thought, “Holy Cow, Kim is going for fringe!” but then realized yoiu were just being so precise and working both pattern and remain fabric into something with potential!!! Hooray! Orange…a real “kick ass” color…can’t wait to see it!

  10. Ann Webber says:

    It’s a pity I only see you in lycra! I have a boiled wool jacket in this vibrant shade. Hope it works out. X

  11. Thimberlina says:

    30 minutes a day sounds like a good plan that I should do too. I just don’t know where my times going at the minute, though I am sleep really well so it’s probably been spent in bed!! Looking forward to seeing your new style arc jacket come together 😀

  12. […] is the fourth Stacie I have made now – there’s the orange, the black, the (fabulous) leopard, and now the green – which got me thinking about how often […]

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