Stacie is a keeper!

Ok, again I never intended to take this long before I posted again. Time seems to be running faster as I get older – something I never believed when other people said that – as there are just so many wonderful things to do around things that have to be done.

I have had a great month of May and can hardly believe it is June already. I have finally got the client work under firm control, and I think that now we are into June there should be less until the weather changes again. Phew! Of course, that doesn’t include the panics from people who have just received their ‘bargain’ prom dresses from China or wherever and discovered they don’t fit (already had one of those – and not even Mrs Mole could have waved her wand over that one!). Still, I’m not going to schedule time for ‘what might’, rather plan what I can do for me around what is already there – not forgetting a bit of time to drag the garden back under control.

BUT I finished my orange Style Arc Stacie jacket a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to get photographs in some interesting place rather than up against my house wall. A nice plain background I admit – but a bit bl**dy boring. Sadly The Management could never be described as likely to worry Bailey and I have struggled with the tripod indoors so there is no way I’m taking it out!

With no further ado, I introduce the orange Stacie…..


Stacie – front view (Sorry about the collar)


Stacie – back view

I know that when I first saw this pattern I considered making some changes but this version was made up exactly as designed. And I love it. I did ask The Management for his opinion of both orange jackets, and although he couldn’t say why he preferred this one. Just for comparison…

Both are made in identical fabric and made exactly as intended by the pattern maker. The Stacie was topstitched using the same thread as the construction, but using the triple stitch (supposed to be for stretch) from my machine that builds into a nice visible feature, whilst the Islander was topstitched with buttonhole thread. Other than that the materials are pretty much identical.

Stacie is more ‘pointy’, collar and corners, and has a more defined waistline. The Islander feels oddly heavier(?) and I just feel that it looks more ‘home made’ despite having some great features – check out the pockets and sleeve details.

I still think that I will change bits of the Stacie pattern in the future but now feel unlikely to make the Islander pattern again. I did use skills learned from the Janet Pray course whilst making up the Stacie so I feel the experience of making that was worthwhile. I have worn the orange jacket so much since I finished it that when I found a lonely chunk of black cotton twill I went straight ahead and made this.


Another Stacie 

I was so happy with the fit and styling of this jacket I have already printed Ziggi ready to gather what’s needed to make that.

Would anyone like the Islander pattern?




43 Comments on “Stacie is a keeper!”

  1. Christine says:

    I too prefer the Stacie jacket, it looks more polished and together, if that makes sense. A very nice jacket and I have put it on my (ever growing) to do list.

  2. tialys says:

    Another vote here for the Stacie – I prefer the waistline and the overall ‘smarter’ look of it. I also prefer it in the black but that’s because I’m boring, colour-wise as far as clothing goes but you look good in the orange one too and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of occasions to wear both. Does this mean you’ve found your ideal denim jacket now or are you still searching?

  3. sewbussted says:

    While both are nice. the Style Arc pattern is just so much more flattering to your figure. It really shows off your waistline. And I LOVE the Orange!!!

  4. mumokio says:

    Stacie is definitely better on you than the Islander. What an interesting comparison. Another fan the orange here !

  5. fabrickated says:

    This is an interesting experiment – thank you so much for all the work you have put into the jackets and the post. I think the Stacie is much the better jacket, and I think it is the nice waist shaping. It just fits and flatters you.

  6. Thimberlina says:

    Loving the Stacie too, and I’ve still yet to make my islander jacket. I’m now wondering if it must be 2 years since I traced it!! 😳

  7. Ann Webber says:

    Vote Stacie! Agree with all your pals and add my bit – the sleeves look a better length. X

  8. Prue Maxwell says:

    The Stacie is my favourite Style Arc pattern – I have made many for myself and friends and she flatters every shape!

  9. They both look great but I agree the Stacie is the best of the two. I think for me the squarer corners are what makes the difference.

    Orange is a really good colour on you!

  10. amcclure2014 says:

    Lovely. I much prefer the Stacie jacket on you, too. I think because it has more shape so is less boxy and is a bit longer. Generally it seems to fit better. I like both Stacies. I have the Islander jacket pattern which came with the Craftsy course but haven’t done the course yet. I’m glad you feel it (the course) was worthwhile – autumn sewing plans. Might have to think about a different pattern though; the style has never appealed. Your Stacie though…

    • Watch the Craftsy course but it’s probably worth changing pattern. I have the motorcycle jacket course and will watch the classes but definitely be using Ziggi instead.

  11. Really lovely work. And both great but Stacie has the edge! The colour is gorgeous on you too 😊

  12. cathytremain says:

    Yes, the Stacie is the cut – so much more forgiving of the curvaceous figures. the linear cut of the Islander would work well on slender folk of which is only a distant memory for me. Love your work!

  13. jay says:

    I vote the Stacie, as the shaped seaming in the back is more flattering. Nice comparison!

  14. Roxane says:

    Wow, you HAVE been productive! Those are terrific jackets! And yeah, time goes faster, and I am going slower.

  15. I have the pattern and the course and I liked both. I haven’t tried the Stacie yet. I’ll have to give it a shot. Your sewing is lovely!

  16. I have to agree with other commenters that the Stacie is the better pattern. It’s somehow sharper and cleaner and looks more “expensive”. Love it in both colours.

  17. That Stacie is fab-despite the orange lol! I must make another as mine is pretty worn out now, despite me never getting round to putting the fastenings on. It’s got a lovely shape, and doesn’t swamp you, which the other one does, just a tad.
    Hey-maybe you should go back to that odd new shop in Brum and make a neoprene one? Or maybe not…

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