Patrones 362

Patrones 362


Lucky me! My dear friends G and H came back from Spain with another issue of Patrones – and there is so much in this one I want to make that I will need to retire early!

Garment mash

Garment mash

Patrones 362 wishes0007

Lauren from Hola! Magazine

Patrones 362 wishes0006

Lauren in Patrones


I really liked this skirt (attributed to Ralph Lauren) and knew that I had seen it before. The picture on the left was from a Hola! magazine I bought on my holiday in Madeira a while back. The Patrones version has curved sections on the front splits but the original is squared off. This isn’t clear from the picture which is why I always check the tech drawings in the ‘making up’ section. I have noticed on a few prior occasions that the pictures don’t always quite match the garment as shown. The jury is out on which version I prefer, but with the wide overlap this should be decent even in windy weather.




Patrones 362 wishes0001

Could I wear these pants?

Patrones 362 wishes0002



Burda pants

I adore the yellow top in these photos. I know I wouldn’t wear it exactly as it is shown – I couldn’t show my tum without scaring the horses. I think as an extra layer over a dress, or t-shirt and trousers, it would look good. I would probably want to make it shorter too. But hey! It’s in one of  my favourite colours! The trousers are also very interesting. I’m very tempted by them but I know The Management would be horrified. Maybe that is reason enough to give them a go 🙂 . I saw a very similar patter which is available here from Burda.


Patrones 362 wishes0003

Thai fishermans pants


The other pattern I liked was for Thai fishermans pants. I have seen lots of references to this style but haven’t ever worn them myself. They look as though they would be very comfortable, particularly in warm weather (I have a good imagination – there would be no need here in the UK in our ‘summer’ at present). Can anyone tell me if they are as comfortable as they look?


Patrones 362 wishes0004


I loved this jacket. The front view is in the ‘mash’ of all the designs (above), and is attractive enough, but I thought the pleat in the back gives this an extra ‘easy to wear’ feel. I have a number of fabrics that could probably work for this but if I go ahead I would like to be able to make it part of a wardrobe sewing ‘plan’. Elizabeth at The Fabulous Dr. E’s blog is a master (mistress?) at this and I have threatened to follow her lead on many occasions and failed. Maybe it’s time to do something about it. My wardrobe would certainly be grateful.


Patrones 362 wishes0005

Should I jump?

Now then, I imagine I am like many people who love the idea of a jumpsuit but remember them from the first time around. They certainly look neat – this one is lovely on its own, but it would be offended if you wanted to put a t-shirt under there for decency or warmth. However. How many of us remember (and hated) having to get almost naked whenever there was a need to go to the loo. I love this, but I’m not sure I want to go down the almost naked in loos route again.

Useful shorts

Useful shorts


Being an extreme optimist I thought these shorts might be good for when it does get warm. I am getting used to wearing my running shorts now (and no-one has run away screaming yet) so I might be willing to try them in general wear. I know I wont look anything like this lithe young thing, but I’m ready to give it a try.


I have had a few editions of Patrones over the years but I think this one is one of the most useful in a while, and since I am currently planning things to make for myself you might even see some of these made up. No sniggering at the back!

19 Comments on “Patrones 362”

  1. Nice! The missus loves her fisherman’s pants, and they are outrageously easy to make. Personally, not for me, they make your legs look about 3″ long, which takes height or attitude to carry off. I don’t like looking as if I’ve just had an unfortunate accident… I’ll look forward to seeing if you take the plunge

  2. fabrickated says:

    I like the patterns you have chosen. They are all classic and elegant – and yes go for the jumpsuit and the shorts!

    I have made Fishermen’s trousers in three lengths (and show how to make them without a pattern, on my blog), and find them fun to wear, very comfortable and relaxed.

  3. Fadanista says:

    I have never seen this magazine for sale here which is frustrating. I love that yellow top too. As for the jumpsuit? They are very good for bladder training 😜

  4. Loving the yellow and grey outfit. Definitely give those Burda harem pants a go!

  5. tialys says:

    I only have experience of wearing fisherman pants for yoga and they are very comfortable. Mine are from Thailand and in a silky fabric in a fairly garish bright purple. They are also good for wearing around the house. I’m not sure I’d go out in a pair but only because it isn’t really my style. Don’t forget – on the ‘going to the loo’ front – you do have to unwrap yourself and manhandle a large rectangle of fabric around you while you perch – and then wrap yourself up again and sort of rearrange the fold to lie neatly. But you don’t have to get nude 😉

  6. Some great patterns here! Do you want me to buy you the latest Patrones before we leave Spain in about 3 weeks, then I can post it to you when we get back to England?

  7. sewruth says:

    Jumpsuits and bodysuits – I also remember the first time around, public toilet floors and total personal inconvenience: additionally I have the enduring image of Patsy falling out of a black cab! You know the one I mean……
    Fishermen’s wrap trousers – now there’s a new idea. Perhaps for relaxation and your endless days of retirement, Look here at Bootstrap for a personalised pattern
    I’ve made these in stretch jersey and although they still need to be dropped to the floor for you know what they look pretty good while wearing.

    • I have a pattern already for similar trousers that I had totally forgotten about! Mine are leopard print and basically saved for holidays – I wonder how they would look as shorts?

  8. Roxane says:

    What a nice, juicy post! I love the skirt, the yellow top, the pants, everything. I love the look of jumpsuits (who can look at a jumpsuit without thinking of Emma Peel?), but I agree with the point about the bladder training! Good luck with a sewing plan. I occasionally try to make one–say, when Threads comes out with a “perfect five piece wardrobe” or something like that–but I’ve never completed one.

    • Me neither but I always think I would love to be the sort of sewer organised enough to do a plan. I tend to get thoroughly sidetracked in stash and make nothing.😢

  9. […] may remember the odd shaped pants from the last Patrones I reviewed. Well, the leapfrogged the Thai Fishermans pants that I cut the pattern for at the same […]

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