Stash busting – and blown.

I have been settling into the idea of being more able to do things for me by …. doing very little. Oops. Not nothing, just not a great deal.

I have been sorting stash (always a bad idea – I get lost down a rabbit hole once I start stroking all the fabric) and decided on a few organised things I want to do. So what did I start with? Something completely off plan and totally unsuited to the weather at the time.


Spot the hoodie! (Front)


Spot the hoodie! (Front)

I made another Paprika Jasper hoodie.The fabric was a rich cream cotton and viscose mix (80/20) in a ribbed weave. I have had this for an age and am pleased to say that this is the last of this piece so is a proper bit of stash busting. I know that I will wear this loads once the weather cools down as I have almost killed off the navy version I made a while back. I know this is a pretty bland garment but that means I can mix it with a number of things in my wardrobe. I did try a number of more exciting buttons on the fabric but kept coming back to this thoroughly boring cream ones (which were also from stash – hurrah!).

Thoroughly pleased at the start of my stash busting quest I met Elaine (The Demented Fairy) and Glenda in Birmingham for a spin round the Rag Market and surrounding area on Tuesday. I should have known that despite my protestations that I wasn’t there to buy any more fabric that I would find something that begged to come home with me.


Jacket fabric and button

Actually inside the market – our first stop after a reviving cup of tea – Elaine and I started to shake our purses out. She found a fabulous long curled hairpiece which matched her own hair beautifully, and will be perfect for her Steampunking  and anything else mad she wants to do. Then I found a fabulous leopard print canvas on a furnishing stall. I just called ‘jacket Kim’ to me and I was fumbling for my purse. At £5 pm it was a steal – and I found a gorgeous feature button just round the corner. No Anne, you can’t have it.


Shirt fabric for The Management

Then, after Elaine had been seduced by a fabulous taffeta I saw this magnificent poly cotton which I knew The Management would like as a shirt (it was later approved). Aren’t those penguins cute! I was convinced as soon as I saw the baby penguins in grey. So cute. And can you spot the dancing penguins? (I went back into the Market later and Elaine had me buy a piece for her too).

I actually bought the elastic I intended to buy (yes ladies, that was really all I wanted) next along with two cream overlocker cops. I could have run away at that point – but no, I had to carry on didn’t I?


Knitted leopard this time.


Glenda wanted to go to the jersey fabric stall which is outside and while she was rummaging I found this. It is synthetic but I wouldn’t like to guess at the composition, and quite a stable knit. It was the last piece so I got it at a very good price (I think about £8 for 2m) and I had initially thought it would make a great twist top from Pattern Magic I now have another idea. Watch this space as I want to try this soon. Still no Anne.


The lovely Fairy (Elaine) and Glenda


We decided we needed to re fuel after this excitement despite Glenda not having bought anything so far and decided on another visit to Mount Fuji. Excellent nosh all round and a great opportunity to gossip for a while.

We did carry on to the Fancy Silk Store and Barrys  but I escaped without buying any more fabric. I did spot a nice twill weave with Snoopy and Woodstock printed on it but there wasn’t enough for jeans, which was my plan, and as it was polyester rather than cotton I decided to decline their offer of checking the Manchester store for me.

So, another great day out. But on balance I used just over 2m for the hoodie and have bought 5.5m . and I wonder why my stash is massive. There is some serious sewing planned over the next few weeks so I hope to knock a hole in it. Even a small hole would be a good start.

25 Comments on “Stash busting – and blown.”

  1. tialys says:

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you will not be modelling a pair of Snoopy and Woodstock jeans for our delectation 😦

  2. Sounds like a perfect day out to me and look, you’re using yo the fabric stash too!

  3. Thimberlina says:

    Love your new jasper, it’s similar colour to my cream Brooklyn hoodie which gets lots of where. I’m hoping to make a grey jasper soon (have had fabric and pattern forever!!) looks like you’ve had a fab day out! I just love meeting blogging friends in real life! And if you fold your new fabric up small maybe it won’t look like such a big addition. 😃

    • Kim Hood says:

      Jasper is a great pattern – you will love your grey one when you make it. I agree, meeting sewing ‘virtual’ friends in real life is great. I am planning to meet two very distant bloggers later this year which I am really looking forward to.

  4. amcclure2014 says:

    Sounds like a good day. It looks like Birmingham has loads of good places. I must go. But then my stash would grow too…. The Jasper hoodie looks good. I agree – pity about the Snoopy and Woodstock fabric. I’d have been in that queue too.

  5. fabrickated says:

    I agree the slightly bland Jasper is a winner – I always enjoy my more neutral makes although they are just too dull to stand alone. And I think it’s funny how the fabric supply seems to keep growing. I just keep thinking – one day I will retire to the country and then I will sew it all up. But I just don’t believe my own promise…

  6. sewruth says:

    Day out with the girls – fun, food and fabric – what more could one ask for?

  7. Sounds like a great day out!

  8. mrsmole says:

    If I ever get back to the UK, I’m going to find you and make you take me fabric shopping! Animal prints are always in fashion…and a welcome addition to any stash…great finds, Kim!

  9. What a lovely outing! And you did rather well in the avoidance category, I’d say. The Jasper hoodie is very nice. How does it make up? Quite complicated? (And do you still have the brown baby cord we discussed some time ago?)

  10. Fadanista says:

    Some fabulous fabrics here, and what’s not to love about the Jasper hoodie? sounds like you had a fabulous day out.

  11. Roxane says:

    I love the pattern–both the hoodie AND the dress! And for somebody who wasn’t going to buy any fabric, I’d say you did awfully well! (I will “not be buying any yarn” this weekend at a yarn shop where a friend is having a trunk show of her patterns–we’ll see how that goes!)

  12. […] but I really wanted to try the pattern and make up this fabric. It is the leopard knit from the last trip to Birmingham – the one where I wasn’t going to buy anything, remember? I would blame Fairy but I […]

  13. […] when I was in Birmingham with Fairy and Glenda I picked up this polyester taffeta fabric from the Barrys £2 per metre table. I knew I wanted it […]

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